Best. Damn. Game. Ever.

This is the best damn chicken game ever.

Unless you’re a chicken. In which case, they pretty much all suck. :slight_smile:

Good Lord, that’s addictive. :slight_smile:

And I love the lilliputian game of Breakout they provide for you to play between games. :slight_smile:

I know it! Someone introduced me to that site while I was at work… and then no more work happened today. More than likely, no work will happen tomorrow either.


Oh, is that what that was? Huh. And here I thought I was just watching tiny spots disappearing. Now I can waste time whilst I’m waiting to waste time. :slight_smile:

That’s just… strange.

And now I’ve got egg on my face.

Heh-heh. For a moment there, it looked like the Straight Dope was taking over the site, what with all the Dopers playing. :slight_smile:

Man, I suck at that. It took me five games before I could even catch the chicken more than once.

Clearly, I’m no chicken tosser.

But Good God! In that game you can be a pig. And you can throw a chicken! Surely, there is nothing funnier than those two animals having at it.

OK. I will admit I’m clueless. But what is the point of this game?

To win at chicken-pong. :slight_smile: In the real world, however, the point is to waste time. Or, at least that’s what I was doing earlier today.

Ha! Eonwe and I randomly ran into each other in the chicken room. Good game, man. We’ll meet again!


I lost!

The rules say that you have to win by two points (unless one of you reaches 12 first), and you have to have a minimum of 4 points, total. Earlier today I lost a round with a score of 11. Some bastard beat me out by a point.

A point!

I’m telling ya’, this is almost better than Counter-Strike. Or Pac-Man. But maybe not Pac-Man. :wink:

why am i having so much fun playing this game? :smiley:

Because you are weak. Like the rest of us chickens. :slight_smile:

wheeeee anyone on right now?

Addicting game

Melzie, I apologize for my piggish comments, some were accidental :slight_smile: (you don’t look like a piglet… i hope)

I suck. I lost. No one will play with me.

What an addictive game! And I LOVE the cartoons!

mushono! hehe, it’s okay i knew you weren’t trying to insult me. where’s my rematch?! :smiley: