Best MP3/Music Management software?

Hey folks, I was planning on investing in a software package to manage (burn, rip, rename, catalog, sync) my MP3s. I’ve got an iPod, and I really am not a huge fan of the included PC version of iTunes. Largely because its organizing methodology led to a complete lost of all my MP3s…long story. Also, it came with a version of MusicMatch which was OK, but a little clunky and slow. They’ve since upgraded versions and my license isn’t for the “Plus” version which has all the file renaming tools and super tagging.

Anyways, long story short, someone reccommend to me a good full service MP3 management tool.

For tagging and such, I use Mp3Tag. Yet one more of the really cool bits of free software from Germany that I use regularly.

…maybe I should have been a little more descriptive.

I use it mainly because it does freedb lookups, so you can select a whole bunch of files, click the magic button, and it finds out that you have “Jesus Christ Superstar Soundtrack” or whathaveyou, and updates all of the file metadata.

Once that’s done, it allows you to apply file naming rules and rename files based on the metadata. Too cool.

I don’t use it for cataloging, though. I just make sure I have all files in a folder with the album name within a folder with the group name.

Does it let you not only rename the files but create a dynamic file structure based on artists/album too?

I want one that will grab my MP3s, tag them from one of the DBs out there, then rename them based on that info, then paste them into folders by artist then album.