Best. Simpsons. Halloween. Short. Ever.

Since I have not seen the last two years worth of Halloween episodes, I may have missed something better. Still, it’s hard to imagine anything outdoing, “Time and Punishment.”

Based on Ray Bradbury’s science fiction short story, “A Sound of Thunder,” the number of call-backs, literary references (re-Neducation / 1984 or just the title itself) and various sight gags is simply phenomenonal. There is even a nod (not the only time) to the Simpsons’ forbearer, The Flintstones, when the house begins morphing repeatedly and one of the images is of the Bedrock domicile. I could quite easily watch a loop of that one single short repeated endlessly for a solid week and still keep laughing.

The Shinning

The Simpsons have spoofed Kubrick more than any other director, adn this was the ultimate one. I love every moment of it, from the opening drive in(“Dad, we left Grandpa at the gas station”) to the closing(“Urge to kill…rising”).


Is that the one with -

Homer:“No beer and no TV make homer something something”

Marge:"Go crazy? "

Homer: “Don’t mind if I do! wrlakaleelkielkaRLKWalke!”

Homer: No beer and no television make Homer go something something.

Marge: Crazy?

Homer: Don’t mind if I do!!!

Also the leaning in through the (wrong) axe-hewn door saying, “Heeeere’s Johnnny!” and finally rehasing his intros until he ends up doing the Sixty Minutes lead-in. Still, Groundkeeper Willy cutting Bart off in mid-word as he begins to say “The Shiiinn …”

“Shhh! We don’t want any lawsuits!”

is the equivalent of talking into the camera, which is another massive cinematographic no-no and just plain effing hilarious.

I liked the one where Homer stumbles into the third dimension!!! While the novelty of it isn’t as applicable today, the jokes are still great.

“Man, this place looks expensive. I feel like I’m wasting a fortune just standing here!” Looks around, scratches ass, etc

“Well, we hit a little snag, and the universe kinda collapsed on itself. But dad seemed cautiously optimistic!”

Oh, I forgot, this is the fave Halloween eps ever -

My two faves are - The one where homer enters the 3d world, the one where they buy a teleporting machine, the one where homer’s toaster is a time-machine. I LOVE the end bit

<homer emerges in seemingly perfect world. Eventually H asks about donuts>


Homer:“ARGGHH!!” <runs back to toaster>

The really cool thing is the store Homer walks into after he winds up in “our” world. Evidently, even though you can’t see the name of the store in the episode, they’ve had their business shoot up because of it!

That’s, “Time and Punishment.”

Four words
“Quoth the Raven, nevermore.”

It will always be my favorite.

…followed by donuts falling from the sky and Marge saying, “Oh, it’s raining again.”

PLG, the E.A. Poe takeoff with “Fall of the House of Usher, The Raven, etc.” will remain my favorite overall Halloween program until further notice.

Just for you, Pepperlandgirl, one of the funniest passages of poetry I have ever committed to memory. It’s called The Raven’s Story, by Peter Veale.

I meant to start this thread with mention of that Halloween episode but got lost doing the cites for “Time and Punishment.”



By the way, in “Time and Punishment” what was Homer referring to when he said “I’m the first non-Brazillian to travel through time”?

Hmmm so many it’s hard to pick only one. The episode which “Time and Punishment” is in was teh strongest of the Specials especially with the reoccuring Willie motif
“Ach I’m really bad at this…”

FLY vs Fly gets honourable mentions for the creative way Homer uses the Teleporter.
“$2.50 eh? And you say it only transports matter eh?”

Especially I especially like when he puts one in the bathroom and goes to take a leak in the other downstairs. He is interupted and goes into his Kablamo speech punctuating it with his fist accidentally hitting Lisa through the other teleporter. You almost forget where it was situated.

My favourite’s the ep where Kang and Kodos abduct the President and the the leader of the opposition, just for the bit where the people say they’ll vote for a third party and K & K reply

“Go ahead, waste your vote”

“Dad! You just killed zombie Flanders!”

“He was a zombie?”

While I have to agree Time and Punishment is one of the best, I would add the first time Kang and Kodos appear in a takeoff of To Serve Man is right up there too. “If you wanted to make Sarvok the Preparer cry, mission accomplished.”

To get the full flavor of “Time and Punishment”, don’t forget that after Homer escapes the reality where Marge had never heard of donuts, it starts raining – donuts.

My favorite is where Marge and her sisters are witches in Salem-era Springfield:

“My, scaring people into giving us candy is a great idea. I just wish we hadn’t filled up on all those children before we got to the Flanders’ house!”

Wasn’t “A Sound of Thunder” an Asimov story?

Bob Dole: “No matter which one of us you vote for, your planet is doomed. DOOOOOOOMED!”

Oh, I forgot:

“My, scaring people into giving us candy is a great idea. I just wish we hadn’t filled up on all those children before we got to the Flanders’ house!” BRAAAAP!

Followed by Kent Brockman: “A refreshing bit of candor from Sen. Dole!”