Best vegetarian hot dogs ever!

I just discovered these Quorn Meat-Free Dogs and they are ridiculously good. They actually taste like real hot dogs (from what I remember, anyway). They don’t have that bland, weird soy taste that other dogs have, and the texture is good too.

The ingredients are : mycoprotein (51%), rehydrated egg white, canola oil, whey protein concentrate, and less than 2% of salt, pectin, natural flavors from non-meat sources, dextrose, sugar, potato maltodextrin, yeast extract, gum arabic, barley malt extract, paprika oleoresin, beet powder, black pepper, citric acid.

Mycoprotein is, I gather from the box, a cultured fungus made through fermentation. That sounds really vile, but it tastes great, and apparently has lots of protein and fiber, low fat and no cholesterol.

Thank god for Quorn dogs. I always miss hot dogs at barbecues, and now I don’t have to.

I enjoy Veggieburgers much more now that I’ve started eating them with chedder cheese and bacon on an all-meat bun. Probably the same would apply to fungus dogs. Mmmm, you can really taste the spores.


I thought you said we were having S’mores…

(Drinks half-gallon of Clorox to remove last vestiges of fungi-food from digestive tract)

Wusses. It’s just a fancy way of saying “mushrooms.”

Thanks for being a jerk. I really appreciate it. :rolleyes:

Quorn products have just started showing up here, but I haven’t had the nerve to try any, which is silly because I eat mushrooms all the time.

Have you had any of the chicken nugget type things?

I’ve had their chicken cutlety things, which are pretty good. I usually make those in a white wine marsala type sauce, with mushrooms, of course. Quorn is good at getting the texture right.

They sound wonderful, Rubystreak! I can’t wait to try them. I haven’t seen that brand in my area yet, but I will be looking! Thanks for the heads up!

Well, I am most interested to give these a try. I will say that their fake chicken patties didn’t really sit too well with me (flavor and texture wise I thought that they were great but my tummy had other thoughts on the matter). I have been looking for a hotdog type substitute though, so will keep my eye out.

The cutlets are made of the same mycoprotein, so I wonder if you’d be able to digest them any better. I guess you could experiment-- could just be the spices in the Quorn patty that bugged you but the dogs would be OK. I hope so-- they rock. I finally feel like I can enjoy hot dogs again.

Rubystreak: your comment is rude. Personal insults are not permitted in Cafe Society, and you know better.

If someone acts in a manner that you perceive to be jerkish, the proper course of action is to hit REPORT THIS POST and let a Moderator make the decision. In this situation, I don’t disagree that Bill Door’s comments were offensive. But it’s not up to you to make the call “jerk.” OK?

Not OK, but I’m too lazy to Pit you, esp. considering there’s already a thread open on just this sort of thing.

So anyway, are there any other good veggie dogs or related type meat-free products people want to recommend?

they taste great but have eggs so I’m out of luck. So many vegetarian products, so little vegan ones.

No offense whatsoever, Rubystreak, but Bill Door’s comment, followed by Balle M’s follow-up had me laughing so hard tears were running down my face. Something about the thought of an all-meat bun, I suppose (and drinking bleach as well). Perhaps Bill’s post was not meant to offend the non-meat eaters among us (of which I have been one in the past), but to bring a little, umm, flavor to the thread.

So where can I get these Quorn Dogs? I haven’t had a hot dog in years and, like you, I miss them terribly. Are they sold in supermarkets?
And for those of you a little put off by the fungus - Do you know what’s in a real hot dog? :eek:

Or an even more fancy way of saying ‘mould’ (mold to Americans and other aliens).

Quorn is made from processed cultured microscopic fungus called fusarium venenatum, mixed with egg protein (so it isn’t suitable for vegans), wheat and other things.

IMO, it’s the most convincing (and pleasant) fake meat on the market; I cook it once in a while for vegetarian friends. The price puts me off a bit.

I don’t care for Quorn’s chicken-y products. I find their texture and taste to be very “off” from what I remember the real thing being like.

Veat products, OTOH, are so good I’ve fooled friends and family into thinking they were eating real meat.

I’ll try the Quorn hot dogs, tho, and see how they compare to Morningstar Farms Corn Dogs, which I love.

If you live in the UK, have you tried the “Cauldron” range of veggie products? They are AWESOME!! (… and most big name supermarkets stock 'em)

I especially recommend the Beach Smoked Tofu! Mmm MMMMM!!!


I realize it’s not vegan, but I’m surprised something with egg whites can be considered vegetarian.

:confused: Most products (in the US, at least) that are labeled specifically “vegetarian” as opposed to “vegan” contain eggs and/or dairy. Ovo-lacto vegetarians are probably the most common type of vegetarian, at least in this country. I happen to number among them, and seeing a label marked with “vegetarian” would lead me to assume that it probably contains eggs, dairy, or both. If it said “vegan” I’d assume no eggs, no dairy, and probably no honey. I don’t find it odd at all.