Beware of giant terrorists roaming the streets

Here is an amusing parody site of the Fatherland Security stir the pot and make people afraid website.

Thought that it might amuse, and decided to put it here as this issue is pretty hot button at the moment and I foresee rants.

It’s HOMELAND security.

Fatherland secrity sounds like something European from the mid '30s

I am not sure what to make of this, but that phrasing on my part was 100% unintentional. It may be that my issues with the current administration are deeper than I thought.

Binarydome you are to be praised for your honesty towards CRorex. You could have whoooshed him/her.

I thought your 'Fatherland" was a nice dig at the Bush Administration.

Either The Daily Show ripped them off, or they ripped off The Daily Show. Still, funny.

I am willing to cut the DHS slack when it comes to stuff like this. Individuals may be smart enough to figure out this stuff on their own, but the masses are dumb as a brick. How to effectively get the information over to them is not a task I envy.