Biden & Harris Inauguration Predictions

This is a good idea.

In an escalation of inauguration security following the Capitol riot, federal authorities plan to lock down a massive swath of downtown Washington on Wednesday, six days earlier than originally planned.

Why it matters: The earlier shutdown is based on warnings about pre-inauguration demonstrations planned for this weekend in capitals throughout the country, as well as tighter security after the Capitol siege.

  • The Department of Homeland Security announced that the window for the National Special Security Event, which will involve tens of thousands of National Guard troops and federal law enforcement personnel, will begin Jan. 13, rather than the previously scheduled Jan, 19, the day before the inauguration.

  • During the expanded security period, many businesses around the Capitol and White House will be inaccessible.

Thelma Lou, that is why I said on another thread (How bad will it be on Inauguration Day?), Post #70)) that there won’t be problems at the Inauguration; the Cops, Guard, Army, FBI, Secret Service et. al., know that there was a massive SNAFU that led to a FUBAR situation at the Capitol, that they all ‘lost face’ to some degree, and they damn well won’t let it happen again. Professional pride is at stake, not to mention that officer that died in the line of duty…cops remember that.

Also, the real radicals aren’t likely to appear when the chances of being stopped and possibly arrested are so high. Some fools (there is an unlimited supply) will try and end up in detention miles from the proceedings.

I’ll make another prediction (meant to do in the other thread): Antifa/BLM will be nowhere in sight. They have a modicum of brains and when your enemy is shooting themselves in the foot, the best thing to do is not interfere.


(Sorry, I can’t seem to keep up with all the threads.)

Good. We don’t need another demonstration of the United States of Doofus (or worse, anyone who might have an actual plan or a real clue of how to cause major harm).

In the spirit of the thread, I guess my prediction will be that it will be the quietest inauguration any of us will ever have seen. Swear them in and let them get to work.

I predict they won’t keep it “quiet” enough. From what I can see, they’re trying not to seem scared by the mob. But any big public thing carries too much risk to law-enforcement personnel and innocent bystanders. There is no need for any ceremony, and IMHO Biden should opt out.

I’d like to see it happen like this:

  • Biden and Harris wait at separate safe undisclosed locations until a. It’s 12:01 pm or later and b. It has been confirmed that Trump has left the building.
  • B&H are transported to the White House and proceed directly to the Oval Office. They should request no televised coverage until they’re in the OO.
  • The president should be sworn in. The barest minimum of people should be present.
  • He should address the nation for no more than 5 minutes.
  • Then they should just get right to work.

I guess it’s kind of a radical idea, but I think it would show more cojones than doing a public thing.

P.s. you know how Trump bragged about how many zillions of people were at his inauguration? Biden would have opposite bragging rights. Kind of like how people want to show they didn’t buy into the whole big wedding industry thing and so they brag about their $28 justice-of-the-peace wedding with a luncheon catered by Subway.

I had a hard time figuring out where to post this, but I can say that I didn’t predict this:

I’m charmed down to my toes. :slight_smile:

I agree with all this, particularly the bolded (by me) part. There is a certain amount of machismo at work here that is going to lead to decisions that are contrary to common sense.

At a minimum, I believe Nancy Pelosi should not attend. She should remain at an undisclosed location, with someone ready to administer the oath of office to her if need be.

I know this sounds a bit paranoid. But the disclosures about current and retired military and law enforcement personnel being part of the Capitol invasion leads me to believe that dire possibilities are in play, here. It is foolish to discount the possibility of someone who’s a True Believer, and who can easily get past (or is actually stationed behind) the bulletproof glass, deciding to ‘make history.’

I tend to agree. This is a situation where I would apply the decision-making principle: you won’t regret taking extra precsutions, but you might deeply regret not taking them.

This part worries me too, considering the disclosures of the last few days. I’m sure most of us have also seen that the National Mall will be closed and there will be no opportunity for anyone to gather to watch the inauguration. That may have been the plan all along, considering Covid, but especially smart right now.

And man, I never have in my life imagined we’d have to worry about law enforcement loyalty before. I guess we’re getting a taste of what other nations have long been familiar with.

[Now let’s imagine Agent Orange’s thumbs twitch at his inability to Tweet about the crowd size. Sweet!]

Are there any tall buildings overlooking the area? I’m thinking Lee Harvey Oswald/Texas School Book Depository. I hate thinking of it, but I am thinking of it.

That was 60 years ago. I’d hope by now they have that covered …

All of the tallest buildings near the Capitol (the Congressional Office Buildings) will be within the security cordon. And any site that offers a view of the inauguration will certainly be occupied by Secret Service or other security.

I hope the secret service is paying particularly close attention to those members of congress who have shown by their words and actions that they support the violent overthrow of the legally elected government in the United States.

And extra attention for those members who skip past metal detectors and are known to carry weapons.

The Secret Service is not the Capitol Police/House SaA. Anybody tries to skip past the metal detector, they won’t be attending or allowed within eyesight of Biden/Harris.

So true.


This does remain a concern.

But it’s also a security concern if all the QAnon/hurrah-for-dictatorships Congress members stay away. Do they know something about something that could have been planted in the Capitol building on January 6?

No doubt the dogs have been through, sniffing in many corners. But it’s a big place, and the mob had access for long hours.

(ARE all explosives detectable by dogs? I’m not sure I want to do a search for that, nor would I ask anyone else to. But someone may already know the answer.)

A man has been arrested with unauthorized Inauguration credential, guns and a vehicle full of ammunition.

The man arrested on Friday evening, Wesley A. Beeler, of Front Royal, Va., had driven up to a security checkpoint less than half a mile from the Capitol grounds and presented “an unauthorized inauguration credential,” according to a statement from a Capitol Police officer filed in a District of Columbia court on Saturday. The officer, Roger Dupont, said that he had checked the credential against a list and that he found the man’s credential did not give him the authority to enter the restricted area.
Officers searched the truck, which had several gun-related bumper stickers, and found a loaded Glock pistol, 509 rounds for the pistol and 21 shotgun shells, the police said.

My concern is one/some of these assholes will get close enough to pose a serious risk to Biden/Harris. I will not be surprised if shooting starts and some people get killed or injured.

Updated thoughts on how Biden begins his speech:

Obviously, he can no longer thank Trump in any way, even in a “thank you for your service” type way. That’s out completely. I would guess zero mention of Trump will be in this ceremony. The right move for sure at this point.

I think he simply greet everyone and thank Mike Pence for his service. Despite Pence being an almost total coward, he will at least be there and Biden will likely greet him and thank him in his speech. Biden is pushing his ability to unify people and thanking Pence will be a step towards that.

Our unity as Americans and our ability to defeat the coronavirus will have to be major themes of his speech. Along with working to restore our reputation to the world.

I Googled “bomb sniffing dogs detection rate” and got a mix of answers about percentage of accuracy. Bottom line, it appears they’re much better than other methods but not infallible.

Thanks for doing that. Not a good answer, of course.

I guess we have to trust that the rioters lacked the intellect and expertise to design a time-delayed explosive that would go off at noon on the 21st. (Probably a safe assumption.)

I don’t think they even had the planning power to remember to bring toilet paper, from what I have heard.