Big Bang Theory - 23 Nov

This was the episode that my wife and I watched the taping thereof:

The line “Raj, talk to me” had us falling off the chairs, we musta laughed for five minutes.

It’s like the Ganges on laundry day.

Kripke is such a dick, but his prank was amazing.

Wonder what’s gonna happen with Sheldon’s prank?

I laughed out loud a number of times. The fact that Sheldon was gonna be on Ira Flatow’s show is just cool. and I like that Leonard & Penny are still an item, but the whole show doesn’t revolve around it. (forgive my atrocious internet spelling; it’s late)

Kind of a tough week for the gang.

This is not hot enough for Howard? This?

I was gonna say! She’s gorgeous and stacked. She seemed a lot smarter in the previous episode though.

The Katie Sackoff tub cameo was brilliant. I’m glad I missed the promotions so this was a surprise. I wonder if she really is dating someone ‘tall and rich’?

Great episode.

The prank would’ve been likely to be fatal to Sheldon in real life though, since the helium would displace the oxygen in the room. Which is kind of jarring since the show usually prides itself on keeping the science in it as close to the reality as possible.

I guess the glasses are supposed to make her “TV-ugly”. Personally I find her much better looking than Kaley Cuoco.

Oh, also roomfull of hot foam = burn ward ho!

But yeah, I’m nitpicking. :stuck_out_tongue:

This was mainly a Howard episode with the Kripke/Leonard feud as the other subplot. The initial ideas from Leonard about his revenge on Kripke were hilarious, especially the dumb one with a whoopee cushion. This episode just points out how strong are all the actors in this show – Simon Helberg, who plays Howard, is really really good. But the highlight for me was seeing Starbuck (Katee Sackhoff) in the tub with Howard! Last season they had Anders (Michael Trucco) in one of the show’s funniest episodes (the one where Penny gave Sheldon a napkin autographed by Leonard Nimoy). Maybe it’ll be a tradition to have one BSG actor appear in BBT every season!

Wouldn’t that foam damage lots of expensive equipment? And wouldn’t Sheldon have to pay for it?

I see Sheldon having to pick up a job to pay it off. Sheldon is familiar with and comfortable in the Cheesecake Factory. Sheldon and Penny working together could be freaking hilarious.

Sheldon just plain old working foodservice would be freaking hilarious! Can you IMAGINE him dealing with customers?

Did you get to see the filming of Katee Sackhoff in the tub? If so, got any pirate video you’d be willing to share?

Tricia Helfer was on Two and a Half Men (Chuck Lorre’s other show) last week, with a nice bikini scene. So he must be a BSG fan. Though I’m disappointed Howard asked if Katee wanted to play “Colonist and Cylon”. Every BSG geek knows they’re called “Colonials”, not “Colonists”.

I was gonna ask how they did the high-pitched voice thing for a live audience. How sad is that?

This was one of their weaker shows. Maybe it is because the Kripke character is so lame, but I didn’t laugh at all.

So I guess Sheldon drinks caffeine now. Or is there a caffeine-free version of Mountian Dew?

There is. I consider it to be more or less the soft drink equivalent of near-beer, though…why bother?

Did Sheldon drink coffee during the Penny Blossom episode? I can’t remember.

Some of the scenes had been filmed in advance, so (alas!) we didn’t get to watch them film either the tub scene, nor the helium scene, nor the foam-from-the ceiling. That was the only disappointing part, since the program in advance told us that Katee was a guest star (similarly, we didn’t get to meet Ira Flatow.)

We did get to watch the scene in the apartment where Sheldon does the foam in the tube.

Khadaji, you didn’t think “Raj, talk to me?” and his reaction was the funniest thing you’d seen in years? Maybe they just edited it too fast. In real life, we watched his face on the monitors for maybe five minutes. It ranks up there with Jack Benny’s silence in reaction to “Your money or your life!” They should have let the camera linger longer in the actual show, methinks.

I wouldn’t go that far, but based just on this episode she’s way hotter than the bathtub chick. (I’ve never seen that actress before. She may be nerd hot on BSG, but going by just this episode she looked a little rough.)

They are both insanely hot. The BSG lass doesn’t look very good when made up though IMHO. She was stunning as a sweaty, dirty pilot in BSG. My GF has a massive girl crush on her.