Big Bang Theory, February 27, 2014 -- "The Table Polarization"

I’m starting this thread in anticipation of tonight’s episode.

When did Kailey Cuoco become Kailey Cuoco-Sweeting? Is this the first episode she used her married name for the credits?

HHG reference. was there ever one before?

When they signed the marriage certificate.:rolleyes:

The credits changed a couple episodes back. I’m curious as to why you care.

I felt like everyone was phoning it in except for Mayim Bialik.

In other news Jim Parsons is hosting SNL this weekend, which I’m hoping will be more fun.

I liked it I (literally) LOL’d a bunch of times. I thought it was a really good episode.

That was too funny! roflmao!

Fortunately Google was a bit more helpful.

The episode felt flat. Maybe I was just disappointed that Howard backed out on going into space a second time.

Kind of. For Leonard’s Birthday Penny bought him a first edition of the book forgetting he had bought one himself.

I laughed at Raj’s brown dong joke.

She became Kailey Cuoco-Sweeting when the Clerk (county or of courts) received the file copy of the signed and witnessed marriage license and a check made out for the proper amount. It first appeared as this in the credits of season 7 episode 14 - The Convention Conundrum. That was the one with James Earl Jones as a guest.

Nice try at stealing my thunder :dubious: but you’re 8 posts too late.

Sorry, I missed it. I’ll be rewatching it sooner or later, but can you tell me what it was?

I enjoyed watching Amy manipulate Sheldon. Kudos to the writers for that. Bialik gets to show a lot of range playing Amy. I think it’s a credit to her professionalism that she can keep a straight face for some of her scenes. Though admittedly, who knows how many retakes there are on taping night?

The intervention scene took me by surprise, but it fit in. They’ve done an intervention before. I was surprised to see Bernadette’s dad there, but there he was. I’d like to see Penny’s dad some more.

Overall, I don’t think it was nearly one of their better episodes. It was a bit of a let down after a 2 week hiatus also, Rarely does anything big happen in an episode of TBBT. It’s a “slice of life” sit com where the entertainment comes from the banter and the relationships. And it can get unwieldy balancing an ensemble cast of 7 with only about 21 minutes to tell 2 stories. I’d like to see some stories where Sheldon actually looses or gives in and then does his mental gymnastics so he can declare post-facto that it was his idea all along.

Well, I did identify the specific episode, so there! :stuck_out_tongue:

:: force choking LarkingPot :: :mad:

Oh crap! Should I have taken that to The Pit? :eek:

Not a bad episode. I did like how Amy manipulated Sheldon, and the intervention with Bernadette’s father and Mike Massimino.

it is early in the episode setting the subplot.

Sheldon likens himself to Arthur.

I expected Bernadette’s main objection to Howard going to the ISS again was going to be his putting his life in danger again, which was her objection the first time. But this wasn’t mentioned. I was surprised to see Howard accept again, given the difficulties he had. Of course, if he hadn’t accepted, that’d be a pretty short subplot!

Ah yes, now I remember. I’m sure all the guys (maybe not Raj) would be familiar with HHGG.

Howard never thought it through and he had blocked out the bad stuff. It wasn’t even a 45 second phone conversation. Bernadette remembered the bad stuff, though. They could have cut it completely and had written a different B plot altogether. Maybe Raj and that veterinarian? Even with Howard not going, they’ve got a lesser story arc of him troubleshooting the repair, getting the replacements parts ready, figuring out how to make the repair, and what in Apollo days would be sitting in one of the back rooms in Mission Control to advise on the repairs in real time. I don’t know how they do it for the ISS. Only one CapCom to speak to the crew or what?

Why wouldn’t Raj be familiar with it? In the pilot episode he’s wearing a hat with the number 42 on it. I always assumed this was a HHGG reference.

Meh. Ordinary episode and I absolutely hated the ending.

HHGG came up in the episode when Raj & Howard were investigating where Sheldon disappeared to everyday for 20 minutes. Raj managed to screw up the number for the Meaning of Life the Universe and Everything think it was 43 instead of 42 despite the 42 hat from the 1st season.

I thought the episode was quite funny, had me laughing many times.