Big Bang Theory references SDMB...?

Am I mistaken, or did Howard Wolowicz just call Sheldon Cooper an “asshat”…? :smiley:

Sssshhhhh! Keep this quiet or they’ll bring back fees…

We’re pretty cutting edge around here, but we didn’t invent “asshat”. And even if we did invent it, it’s been pretty widespread for quite some time.

I don’t know where the idea that Dope invented asshat comes from, but it seems to be deeply embedded considering that this question must have been asked about a million times before.

The answer is always that it’s older than the Dope. Here’s an old thread that traces it back to pre-Dope times.

Why, why, why did I know this was going to be about asshat?

Is it true that there are prehistoric cave paintings depicting asshats?

Jesus again? Why does the idea that the SDMB “invented” asshat come up every few months?

About the only thing we can lay claim to is 1920’s style death ray, which actually could plausibly show up on the Big Bang Theory someday. But asshat is pure Internetese. We didn’t invent pr0n either.

What about calling it “teh internets”? That’s gotta be ours.

Nope. That ones actually courtesy of our glorious leader.

Because if you ask around, you’ll find out that a lot of Dopers aren’t internet savvy. This is the only message board a lot of them post to, and most don’t go around to a lot of the more popular internet sites. Therefore, when they see something here that they haven’t seen in real life, they assume it originated here, because they never had a chance to see it somewhere else on the internet.

We invented “I burning your dog”, “penis ensues”, “panda” as a synonym for pandering/fanservice, “Og Smash!”, and some other nonsense, although I don’t know if any of that has taken off in teh greatur intarnets.

If you Google “Gaudere’s Law”, you’ll come up with a whole slew of non-SDMB sites, although most of them reference the SDMB as its origin.

That’s about it.

Heh. I read that and thought: Cecil invented the phrase teh Internets? :cool:

Bingo. Also, phrases that a catch on here get used A LOT, which builds a strong association in peoples’ minds between the phrase and this place.

I was going to ask has there been an instance where a television show or popular other site has made reference to something popularised on here.

My Name is Earl made a reference to TWoP…apparently, there was a whole set up, which the mods over there may or may not have been in on…it was great.

It was the episode where the guy died in a Murphy Bed.

This place used to be very original . . . once. In 1960. For 20 minutes.

I’d been hoping “penis ensues” would be lifted by “How I met Your Mother” on CBS. :wink: :smiley:

OK, SDMB can not be credited with ‘asshat’. Ignorance fought.