Big Brother 5 - 8/7

I actually posted this in the old 8/5 thread but decided that someone was probably going to start a new one for this ep and I should just move everything over there so it’s available for discussion. Then I saw no one had and figured I do it myself. :smiley:

Interesting ep.

Marvin’s tired of being lied to by Jase. If there’s one thing I admire about Marvin, it’s his straightforwardness. He’s managed to be a swing vote for over a month without indulging in the kind of underhanded manipulation and backstabbing that so many former swing votes (I’m looking at you, Alison and Jun) have fallen into. He doesn’t take shit. He doesn’t sling shit. And if you’re fair to him, he’s fair to you. That’s why I think he’s trustworthy in the Six-Finger Strategy.

Drew is jumping the fence. I always thought he was a nice guy who offered his commitment too early to the wrong alliance, and now he realizes it, too.

Cowboy… sigh My boyfriend characterized Cowboy in the funniest and truest way tonight, while we watched the show: “Nakomis’s mother must have been a supergenius.”

Oh, and can I just say that Nakomis earned MAJOR points with me tonight for giving Cowboy the photo? MAJOR POINTS…she’s seriously creeping up on my “Want to Win” list. She’s skipped over Drew and is now at #2, right after “one of the twins” (don’t really care which…I just think they deserve it for pulling the whole thing off).

Is it at all possible that the pathetic Jase doesn’t understand the trap that’s been set for him? Does he actually think that all is forgiven and everybody is buddy-buddy with him? If so, I could almost feel sorry for him. . . . NOT!!!

I kind of liked the food competition, even the food fight that followed.

And I agree, Nakomis is cool! Weird, but cool! I hope she stays off the smokes for the rest of her Big Brother stay.

And I do like Marvin. That guy is a Play-uh!

Cowboy has to be the dumbest tv character since Mortimer Snerd. Oy!

Oh, and I hope if there’s an official Big Brother Drinking Game that “Jase stops to look in a mirror” is on it. I think we’d be immobile before the half-hour mark.

I love that Nicoderm got some Nicoderm. Total shout-out to the live feed recappers, if you asked me.

So I guess putting Marvin up is to keep Jase from becoming suspicious, but what difference would that have made? Say the Pussy Posse all trusted each other completely. Why not put up, say, the twins, and who cares if Jase can see the future coming?

As it is, I see a slight chance Marvin will choose Jase for the veto comp, and by that time Jase will have figured out the plot, win the veto, and decline to use it. Even if he did use it, he would then be exempt from nomination. It would have been safer to have a genuine Six-Finger Plan with the veto partners all agreed to beforehand, making it impossible anyone outside the Girl Alliance could mess things up.

But in that case I would have been nervous about BB changing the rules of the veto comp. Do Not Assume.

I think putting up the twins would have been overplaying the hand. It would have been too weird, and would have given Jase a cause to begin probing. As it happened, Nakomis’ explanation that Diane was too close to Drew — a known horseman — was sellable. And, of course, Marvin going up again wouldn’t draw any attention. I still think the strategy is extremely risky, but the way Nakomis structured it is the best possible way.

Drew now has golden POV. If Diane can just string him along a couple more days, Jase will be on the block.

Jennifer aka whatever is playing it smart. Jase will probably be on the jury so there is no point in her throwing away his vote if there is any chance in getting it.

Last night Will and the twins were in the bedroom talking and got on the subject of cowboy. Will said, “We can agree that he is, ummmm, mentally deficient”. The twins agreed and mentioned a long list of stupid questions cowboy has been asking them. I feel bad for the guy at this point. He is a follower with no one to follow and to top it off he is slow.

From now on, I will refer to her as Nakotine.

And even though I don’t find the twins attractive, why am I developing a crush?

And that’s exactly why Jennifer did nominate Marvin. They showed her saying that she was putting him up, believing at least this week he could be controlled, but that in the worst case scenario where no one came off the block thus allowing her to nominate Jase, then they could vote out Marvin. She’s a pretty sharp cookie. Of course things can always go wrong, but she seems to be planning a few moves ahead.

After reading Lib’s spoiler, I have a baaaaad feeling about this.

How can you call this plan a success so far, when one of the Gang of Four* has won the veto? That was exactly what the Six-Finger Plan was supposed to prevent. Had Nic nominated two Girls, success would be guaranteed. Now it’s dicey and involves Diane (Diane!) playing mind-control games with Drew. He plays her a lot better than she plays him, I think.

*The only good thing is, Scott really seems to have been the head of the Horsemeat. With him gone, they have lost nearly all power. Who woulda thunk it; Jase might have recruited Marvin as a replacement and carried on with their campaign of evil just as before.

It’s not so much that Scott was the leader of the Horsemen, but that Scott and Jase were the only REAL Horsemen. Drew and Cowboy were always just easily-controlled votes to those two. Jase knows he can’t trust either one of them the way he trusted Scott. Cowboy is an idiot and can’t be trusted with an actual strategy, and Drew is compromised by both his conscience and his attraction to Diane. Marvin’s way too much of a wild card. He thinks for himself way too much for Jase to be able to incorporate him like he did Scott.

It’s always been Scott and Jase all the way. The other two (and Marvin) were only window dressing and ground troops.

Also, Jase will have figured out the plan by now, and will be working on Drew to get him to not use the veto. Who can control Drew more effectively - Jase or Diane? Baaaaaaaaad feeling about this, I tell you.

jayjay, you are right. Drew was one of the Horsemen sheerly on looks. (Good looks are power in this house.) Cowboy, sheerly on malleability. The nexus of power and evil lay in Scott and Jase from the start. I always pegged Jase as the more powerful of the two, though, and now he’s walking around wearing a sandwich board and talking about how sensitive he is. How the mighty have fallen.

Diane is a dumb bunny. If Nik’s brilliant plan is shot, it’ll be because of Ms. Puppy Love.

But remember, power can take many forms. Jase is dangerous because he’s a shifty, slimy, piece of ego that will take whatever the hell form he thinks can keep him in the game. If this requires him to wear sackcloth and ashes and play Stepinfetchit/court jester now that he doesn’t have the numbers to rely on, he will. I really think this whole thing since Scott’s ouster has been an act.

So far, so good…

Drew seems now really to dislike Jase, and there is every indication that he will carry through on Nakomis’ “Six Finger Plan”. Her risk will likely pay off.

She has become one of my favorite players. Few have ever been so balanced as she. Under the radar when it’s expedient, and a take-charge leader who can sell her plans to others without putting them off. My only concern long term, right now is that…

She, Karen, and Will have formed a sub-alliance. Once Jase, Marvin, Cryboy, and Drew are gone, they want to eliminate first Diane and then the twins.

…and I really like the twins. So…

It’s necessary that Nak, Diane, and the twins form a counter-alliance with a one-member advantage. They don’t know this yet, though. But I think that, eventually, Nakomis will be smart enough to figure it out.

Oy. That last spoiler should have referenced…

Drew instead of Nakomis. And come to think of it, it’ll have to be Natalie figuring it out, and I suppose that’s possible. But I’m not sure who’s smarter between her and Nak.

I feel sorry for Nadria. Their twindom has screwed up both of their individual chances of winning.

This just in from the live recap boards:

Drew used the veto on Diane. Nakomis replaced her with Jase. The “Six Finger Plan” worked.