Big Brother 7: What Was On George's Chest?

Chicken George’s chest was pixillated during the HOH competition.

What was written on it?

I noticed that too, I have no idea what was written there.

I was wondering if they would have changed the tasks if one of the females had been in the competition. I mean it wouldn’t be as big a deal for a guy to have to strip to his skivvies as for one of the women or the hair thing.

I wanna know what is in slop that makes those guys through up. I had thought it was like a blend of cream of wheat and oatmeal but that wouldn’t make people puke.


Yeah, that challenge definitely seemed biased toward the men. Though Jase never would have shaved his head either. I loved the whole bit with his “mirror face.” Danielle is right. He does look like Japanese anime!

I definitely don’t think the slop is “just oatmeal” like I’ve heard a lot of people speculate, but I could be mistaken.

As for what was written on George, how are we supposed to know? You do realize it was blurred out for all of us, right? Really there’s no way to know unless someone has the live feed and saw it there.

Besides, there were much more interesting things to think about during last night’s show. One of the best Big Brother episodes I’ve seen. I hope they kick Will’s ass to the curb, but Jase will be going home I’m sure. I can understand why Jase is pissed, but he made a huge mistake by acting like a 2-year-old about it. It was pretty funny when Jase called Marcellas out though and he’s right, Marcellas has been doing essentially the same thing Jase has. It will be interesting to see if Will’s threats (throwing every competition) will have an effect on the house and get them to vote for Will instead of Jase.

If Jase would have kept his cool and not self destructed he could probably keep his spot in the house. Unfortunately he went on a tantrum and got everyone pissed at him so it’s going to be hard to get the sympathy votes even when everyone knows they should be dumping Will.

So, since George wrote that he’d go 60 days on slop to vin his veto is he obligated to go through with it?
Is Kaysar exempt from his 15 days since he lost anyways?

I’m pretty sure George will be eating slop for the remainder of his time in the house. Really it wasn’t such a dumb move on his part though. He won the veto and there’s no way he’ll be in the house for the full 60 days anyway. Though I suspect when he does leave the house he’ll be considerably thinner. Not sure about Kaysar. I’m assuming he won’t have to since he lost.

I don’t know what was pixellated out on George’s chest, but I believe the word BELOW the pixellated part was “CLUCKER”…

I also thought it was a very interesting episode. I would have been much happier of Erika had been involved in the competition when we got to the burn your shirt part… (leer)

I wonder if they purposely chose a “non-skill” related veto competition this week so George would have a chance, which provides more opportunity for stirring the pot and shaking things up?

I was thinking someone here might be a subscriber to Big Brother 24/7.

I’ve never done the paid subscriber thing, but I watched the free feed during season one and have read the updates that others post in previous years. Don’t they usually do the “Front of House” thing or something else to not show the competitions when they film them so you can’t see them on the live feed? People usually figure out what happened by what people say in the house after the competition, but I thought the competitions were blocked…

Okay, so since I was an asshole yesterday (sorry, I’m crabby in the morning sometimes), I looked for the live feed reports. Sounds like they show “flames,” essentially blocking out the screen, during things such as the PoV competition. It only came back on after the competition and they could see that George had won.

It also sounds like:

Jase might not be going home after all

I couldn’t help myself. I’m such a spoiler whore.