Big Brother All Stars - Thu Aug 24, 2006

You folks are slacking off again…I mean, even the “Who wants to be a Superhero” people have a thread… you should be ashamed of yourselves!!!

Well, Erika is HOH now and James is gone…

Will and Boogie are freely admitting they’re showmancing Erika and Janelle… CG is supposedly allied with Erika. Danni says that since Chilltown kicked out her boy James, she’s going after them…

Julie announced at the end of the show last night that there would be a double-eviction next Thursday…

So…who do you think is going next?

I think that Erika will nominate George and Janielle. Janielle will win POV and Will will be put up in her place. If so, I think Will is gone.

I so hope it doesn’t happen that way since I love Will, but I can’t see Erika nominating Booger or Danielle.

Next Thursday’s show should be interesting. They’re going to have an eviction, HOH, veto competition, veto ceremony, and eviction all in the same night.

I’m pretty sure Janelle and George will be Erika’s nominations. Wouldn’t surprise me a bit if Janelle came up with another POV. At least this time we won’t have to listen to a certain someone whine about it for the rest of the week. (Note: James’ last name is Rhine, which is suspiciously close to whine.)

I don’t necessarily think that if it is Janelle and George in the end, Janelle will go. If we want to think strategically, it doesn’t really help Boogie and Will to vote out Janelle. If they do, it’ll be three against two next week and they’re pretty much definitely both going up. If they keep Janelle and boot George, Dani or Erika goes next. It pretty much secures them in the final three. I don’t know if they will think about that, but I’d think they’d have to. It will only be Chilltown and Danielle voting, so basically CT can keep whichever one they think benefits them the most.

I don’t see any scenario that doesn’t involve Chilltown going to the final 3.

Do Will and Janelle have a showmance? What I see is Janelle following Will around like a puppy and Will being as cold to her as he is to anybody else.

I would love to see Erika use Mike just like he’s using her. I find it hard to believe someone as intelligent as her is falling for his BS. Come to think of it, I find it hard to believe that anyone in the house has let Chilltown slide as long as they have without making a real effort to get rid of one or both of them. Either Will and Boogie are the best players in BB history, or these supposed “All Stars” are just plain rock stupid.

I seem to recall that when Survivor did its All-Star show, the past winners were the first targeted for elimination. This time, every time someone suggested getting rid of Will, the general answer was, “No, keep him here, that’ll take the target off our backs!” Gee, what a good idea that was, huh?

I’m rooting for Will to win only because, outside of James, he’s the only one who’s played this game with any modicum of intelligence!