Big Fights

Who Would win in a fight

Wonder Woman from the old TV show
The Hulk from the old TV show
Both and very weak when compared with the comic book selfs. They both have super strenth but Hulk is probably the stronger of the two and WW if faster. I dont see how the braclets would help.

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I would have to say Wonder Woman, because the Hulk gets all his power from his anger. Angry people (IMO) are generally not going to be very good at critical thinking (when they are angry).
We all know that anger leads to the dark side!

Well, WW has the magic lasso which, if used properly - and really, does anyone expect WW to use her lasso improperly?, would almost certainly subdue TH, and bring mild mannered Bruce Banner back. Who would then probably hit on WW, who would reject him, which would piss him off, which would bring back TH, and the cycle would repeat.

I dont know about that, I would think that the hulk is more willing to hurt someone and that might give him the advantage. He could take more hits from Wonder Woman then she could from him.

Hmmm I forgot about her lasso. I can’t remember how it worked on the show, did she ever relly use it to tie somone up or was it just to get them to tell the truth (Useless against Hulky).

I’m just saying I don’t think he would be able to think as clearly as Wonder Woman, due to rage.

True, but perhaps irrelevant. Hulk is not a thinking-type fighter. He’s plenty effective using brute force and near-invulnerability.

How in the hell is a magic lasso gonna help WW when The Hulk picks up a city bus and drops it on her?

$50.00 on The Hulk in round one.

Hulk in round 1 easy.

unless that lasso is somehow bound to her sexuality, or she has some sort of feminine vulnerability spell that we don’t know about.
The hulk only hurt people who were a threat to him, so if she looked like she needed to be rescued, she could get on his good side and stab him in the gut or something

but really, are we talking about cartoon, comic, or tv show?

I’m thinking Lynda carter Vs. Ferigno here.
Ferigno wins and hopefully gives her the spanking she so deserves.

Unless Ditka is her trainer for the big fight.

This isn’t the comic book versions it is the live action TV show versions. On the show Hulk kinda had a hard time picking up the back end of a mid sized car, he could never have picked up a bus let alone throw one.

And remember on WW’s show she could run fast and jump very long and far (kinda like she was bionic:). Hulk would have to catch her first.

All in all it would be a good fight but it would have crappy 70s tv production values.

Who is this Bruce Banner you are talking about?

On the show his name was David Banner for some unknown reason.

That’s because you only know The Hulk from the tv show, oh the humanity. In the comics he was known as Bruce Banner, for some reason in the tv show he was called David Bruce Banner, usually just David. Go figure.

I was kidding.

Well, if its “that time of the month” for WW I would have to put my money on her. Otherwise I would say the Hulk…

What?..oh alright I’m going to the pit…

Hulk because he’s a real man. Wonder Woman only pretends to be a man.