Big Love 2/13 - "The Special Relationship"

No Big Love thread yet? I guess I’ll have to start it then.

Verlin really is an incompetent, pathetic spineless little shitbag, isn’t he? But the question is: was he intending to leave Don Embry alive, or was he just too incompetent to actually kill him?

I don’t know how anyone could be dumb enough to trust Alby. But this guy did, and apparently he’s now an “Albyite.” When Alby takes out that glass of milk, you KNOW he means business!

Nicki is being cunty, as always. Margene is being an airheaded bimbo, as always. Barb is being a self-righteous, sanctimonious harpy, as always.

I was let-down by the re-appearance of Frank. I thought it was going to be a lot more entertaining than it was. There was a wasted opportunity.

Again: where the fuck is Joey?

Now that some of the fans are online, I’m bumping this in the desperate hope that someone might want to talk about it.

So far, that was the best episode of the season, mostly because it didn’t make me yell back at it or groan too much. While I really like Don and I would be sad if he were gone and I would have thought the death pointless, him dying would have made more sense in the way the attempt was made.

I yelled back at the TV when I thought Don was about to bite it. I like him as a character. He seems to be the only nice person on the show (ok he’s a polygamist but we’ll forgive that. He’s a nice polygamist.)

That was weird to see Frank with a mustache. Did he have one last time we saw him? Seemed like the actor quit the show and they needed him for one last shot and he was all “Ok but I get to be sitting down the whole time. And I’m not going to shave this mustache I’ve grown.”

“Albyite”…that’s pretty fuckin’ out there, man.

Argent Towers, why do you think Verlan is so stupid? To me it seems like he’s just trying to get some cash out of Alby. I’m also assuming he didn’t realize how far off his rocker Alby has gotten.

Is he a polygamist any more? Two of his wives left him (for each other) but I’m nto sure how many he had.

Verlan is an idiot for working with Alby. How could anyone trust Alby? Also, in general, doing harm to other people in exchange for money is an idiotic idea unless you are some kind of experienced thug who has worked for the Mafia or something. Whenever average mooks are hired by someone to knock off or beat up someone else, it never works out for the mooks. They always get caught, and if they manage not to, they’ve still got whoever paid them for the dirty work with the ability to hold that over their heads.

On previous seasons I would always cut Nicki a lot of slack because even some of her more offensive moments were at least entertaining and it seems like she’d do a few redemptive deeds along the way.

I’m light on examples but suffice to say that I used to enjoy Nicki but she was dreadful last season and she’s dreadful this season.

I’ve never liked Barb but I usually end up pulling for her. I’m not enjoying her desperate, wine-swilling charge toward equality but I am glad that she’s finally getting some character development.

I love Margene, she’s still my favorite but I swear, if she starts boning that Mormon Pyramid Scheme dude, I’m going to be irate.

WTF was with Rhonda’s dinner speech? The writers needn’t have worried, I’d believe Rhonda was still rockin’ the crazy with or without the bizarre interjection.

Gah, I’m going to watch every ep but I’m kind of glad this is the last season. I have no idea how they’re going to wrap up Big Love and I honestly don’t know how I want it to end. You guys have any wishes for the final season?

Oh, I too want to know wtf happened to Joey and a happy ending for him and Wanda.

Did I misinterpret the gesture & looks between Alby & Verlan? During their discussion over Alby’s desk I thought it looked at one point like Verlan was “offering up” his nether regions in an effort to tempt Alby. Or am I reading FAR too much into this?

I wouldn’t put it past that scroungy little scumbag to do something like that.

Yes, but Alby said that he needed someone with Verlan’s particular “resume” which implied that he is some sort of experienced thug. Although given the sloppy way in which he attempted the hit on Don, I wouldn’t have thought so.

This one was not as good as the previous one. The bit where Nicki was talking to Bill about his “animal urges” had me laughing out loud, and I rarely do that watching TV.

Attempting to kill Don, a 6’2", 300-lb or so man, with a fucking crowbar? (Then dropping the crowbar, and attempting to hit him with a tackle box?) No, this guy does not have a clue how to deliberately kill someone.

I wonder if Verlan has certain skills not related to homicide that Alby’s interested in. Notice how Verlan spread his legs open as he slid back in the chair?

We mused about their smoldering looks last week. When Verlan did his slouch-thrust my mother shouted, “Oh my goodness, you were right.

Only, we weren’t right. Dewey’s got a point, it did seem like Alby was hinting that Verlan had a violent resume. OTOH, it was a sloppy attempted murder so maybe the pervy camp did have it right. :confused:

Does Alby’s hair keep getting taller?

I loved that Rhonda blithely dismissed Verlan, momma wants a house, mmmkay?

I noticed that too. He’s starting to look like his wives.

Alby Grant absolutely has to be in the pantheon of all-time greatest villains. He is just such an incredible character, one of the many great things about this vastly underrated show.

I’ve noticed that too. My own “out of left field” query is wondering if it maybe it’s a subconscious copying of the way compound women wear their hair since he has major issues about his sexual orientation.

And please show Christopher Campbell naked. To bring him on an HBO show and not undress him defeats the whole purpose of Chris Campbell AND HBO. And the creators of the show are gay so here’s hoping.:wink:

If he’s dumb enough to trust Rhonda…

Are you planning on calling her that every week?

I thought this was a pretty good episode because it focused more on Bill and Barb’s relationship than on wacky schemes or Bill thinking he could do something everybody else knows is impossible. I still think the best storyline the show ever had was the ‘affair’ between Bill and Barb, and this one called back to that. (Another head-slapper from Bill, though: it was stupid to ask for the divorce in the first place. He never understands how other people feel about what he does.) I have to disagree about Alby as a villain. I don’t find him effective (what’s he ever done?) and I’m more likely to laugh at him than anything else. Bill’s done worse things to Don than Alby has. :wink:

I could swear I said something about this in a previous season, but if I did, I can’t find it. Yes, his hairstyle has always looked like one that a lot of the Juniper Creek/FLDS women have. I don’t think that’s an accident, although I do think it’s a questionable fashion choice.

I don’t think Alby’s hairstyle is necessarily a reference to the female hairstyles on the compound, more a reference to how old-fashioned and out of touch things are there. It was pretty common in the 70’s, if pictures of Conway Twitty and Johnny Cash and various TV preachers are to be believed, and I still see it from time to time on men of a certain age.