Biggest split between McCain / Obama

What county in the nation had the biggest McCain / Obama split? The best I can find at the moment is my very own San Francisco

Barack Obama – 85% (198, 989)
John McCain --13% (30,888)
Can anyone find a bigger split? Let’s put a minimum of 2,000 votes on it, just for the hell of it.

Shackleford county in Texas is a close runner up at

Obama – 14% (208)
McCain – 85% (1,284)

Though with only 1,505 total votes, it fails my minimum requirement and thus hardly seems comparable.

Does D.C. qualify as a county?

Beaver County in Oklahoma went 89% for McCain, and plenty of other counties in OK can match the 85% split, and every single county in the state went for McCain.

The Bronx went more than 88% for Obama: among larger counties, it’s generally the most Democrat in the country.

My numbers are coming from CNN’s election website.

Prince George’s County in Maryland went 89-11 for Obama.

Ochiltree and Roberts counties in Texas went 92-8 for McCain.

And while it’s not a county, as such, Washington DC went for Obama 93-7.