Bigoted Jackass is One of the Few, the Proud...

but he’s no longer a Marine! From the linked article:

Good job, USMC Recruiting Command! I’d love to see the correspondence (especially the separation document) relating to the separation.

I’m sure he’ll soon be getting a uuuuuuuuge job offer from the Drumph. Yes sir…any day now.

Semper fi, motherfucker.

Always two sides to a story. Without reading the article, I take it he’s white.

[quote=“the_diego, post:4, topic:748048”]

Always two sides to a story. Without reading the article, I take it he’s white.[/QUOTE
What an amateur. You would have used your knife right?

What dumb polychromatics don’t understand is, in a rally, people really shout and shove, regardless of who or what. No need for a knife. Soap and water might do.


Think of all the stolen valor opportunities he’ll have at the next Bundy event.

The guy chose to feature the image on his own facebook page.

I’m sorry could you clarify your meaning here? You wouldn’t have needed to use your knife because soap and water would have been damaging enough to that dirty …person? How does soap figure in your message there?

A blatantly racist statement such as this might encourage a type of reply which would get me instantly banned. Instead, I’ll just wait for for your own inevitable banning, asshole.

You started it, pink toes.

Did you watch the video in the OP’s linked article? It was very specifically a group of white guys shoving and shouting at a black woman.

I’ve been to various rallies for one thing and another, and IME it’s not a usual thing for people to shove each other. Certainly not for a group of people to shove one person while angrily shouting at them. That’s, you know, assault.

It’s the easiest thing in the world. Go to a rally and express a dissenting opinion. Try it.

First I’d like to hear you explain the soap comment. Are you saying black people are dirty? Quit hinting, just say what you want to say.

I agree that he’s a jackass and that he isn’t Marine material. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s an actual racist but do we have any proof of that. Wouldn’t have acted the same way if it was a white male anti-Trump protester?

This is a warning for hate speech. One way or another, it’s your last.

Sorry, didn’t mean to sound racist at all. And if I was, i’ll be glad to be fully sactioned, knowing there are even dumber people running around.

Seriously, how dumb do you have to be to do that? Show the world you’re proud of being an asshat, why don’t ya.

“Dumb” is getting to the point that it doesn’t even come close to "I’m stupid enough to do This!.

We have people recording themselves committing felonies and putting the entire clip online.

We used to have "“beat” cops - they’d walk a certain area every day and get to know who was doing and about to do what.

Now, they spend their days cruising FB, Snapchat. Twitter, YouTube.
And finding way, WAY more idiots providing proof of their crimes.