Bigotry is Alive and Well in Idaho

Disclaimer: I did a search and didn’t find a Pit thread on this already.


Well, I guess it really isn’t unbelievable. It is incredibly sad, though. A man and a woman fall in love and decide to get married and what do they get for that? Yep, death threats.

I wonder if the bigots, who may not hail from Idaho after all, are aware that they’re nowhere near a good a person as Johnson is. It’s not like they would have a chance with Popadics anyway.

Well, I’m impressed by the way the happy couple’s dealing with the situation. I also wish them much happiness in their marriage.

Much happiness to the couple starting their new life together, may their marriage be a long and happy one. They both seem to have a good attitude about what will surely be an annoyance they will have to put up with from time to time. I’m slightly impressed that the response was relatively small, some phone calls and a handfull of letters. Not too long ago, it could have been much worse. Although, I couldn’t help but get a “South Park” giggle that the cheerleader was named Popadics. She had to put up with a lot during school, I bet.

I think it’s the heat. They’re just generally going kind of crazy in Taterstan:
Vandals late Wednesday or early Thursday used a herbicide to etch a giant 60-foot phallus in the grassy slopes beneath the Idaho governor’s mansion, a popular site for people to ride ice blocks down the lawn as temperatures in Boise reach 100 degrees.

Well, sure. Miscegenation is roundly condemned in the Ten Commandments, but they don’t say a word about murder.

:confused: What does religion have to do with this episode? I didn’t see any indication of the bigotry being religion-based.

And now her name will be Chrissy Popadics Johnson. Sheesh, she couldn’t marry a Smith?

Jumping a broom is african? Huh. I always thought it was European (traditional).

Isn’t Johnson the man’s first name? I thought it was Johnson Popadics married Chrissy MaidenName…

It’s both.

Nope, Ian Johnson, Chrissie Popadics.

Have you never seen the TV miniseries “Roots”? You should, it is epic.
I’m concentrating on this Popadics name far more than I should. Thank the stars she didn’t marry a guy named Duvalier.

Hmmm. Well, the article is set in Boise, Idaho, I guess that’s because the Johnsons live there. It didn’t say that the phone calls or letters came specifically from Idaho, so I don’t think it’s fair to blame it all on the potato state.

And yes, it sucks big moss encrusted rocks. However, I’d just like to point out that 30 letters from a national population of 300 million gives us a complete racist asshat percentage of .00001. Besides which, don’t people who send death threats through the USPS get an uncomfortable meeting with some unhappy postal inspectors?

While bigotry is certainly alive and well, i’m not sure that the “Idaho” part of your thread title is necessarily justified.

This was not just a local story. Johnson proposed on-camera after a nationally-televised bowl game, and the proposal was replayed over and over on various national news and sports networks. There’s no indication in the article that the threats came only from his local area.


Damn you, phouka. [shakes fist]

I saw the picture in this article, and had to read it to see which one of them was black.

I know a white couple who moved out to the midwest, openly claiming the reason was “to be among our own kind, because there are too many blacks and Mexicans moving into this area.”

They went to Illinois, however. Land of Lincoln, ironically.


Well, it really shouldn’t matter who is black or white, that’s not important. What really matters is that someone is named Popadic, that’s a true crime.

If I am pronouncing it correctly: pop’- a- dick

Actually, it’s pronounced "throatwar…
Ah, man, I can’t do it.

I , for one, am offended that you you would equate the esteemed Throatwarbler
Mangrove with such names as “Popadic” and “Johnson”. I mean to say, sir, let’s get real here.

I believe you have misspelled “Raymond Luxury-Yacht.” Cite.

Given the national coverage of the couple, and how the racists on the board that shall not be named have jumped all over it, I would expect that the threats are not just from local locos.