Biking through the backyard

Wow, Odyssey 2000 bikers are riding through town today. Didn’t even know who these guys were until I checked out the name on the chase vehicles and looked them up on the web. They spent the morning pumping North through town on County Rte. 20. Talk about pedaling through the middle of the countryside.

Wow! That looks awesome funnee! I don’t know about averaging 77 miles per day though. What about when the weather is crappy? I love cycling, and often ride 60 milers on Saturdays. But, damn, my ass needs a rest after that! :wink:

I imagine they’ve been getting pretty wet, we’ve had the wettest May on record in upstate NY. Today however has been dry. Passed a couple of them with the tractor and a load of haylage. They gave a wave and seemed to be having a good time. Of course this was about 10 this morning so they were probably only a third of the way through the day.

I know that here every year around the end of May start of June (I think) They have a bike tour for some charity. MS I think. They go biking for a weekend (or if your not up for that you can do a one day bike tour) and they bike from somewhere in Calgary out to Cochrane or Banff (for the 2 day) Thats a pretty nice ride from what I’ve heard.