Bill Clinton fucked supermodel Elizabeth Hurley in the White House (says Tom Sizemore)

Hurley’s Ex-Lover Caught On Bombshell Audio Recording Revealing Ex-Prez’s White House Sex Romps Behind Wife Hillary’s Back

My first thought was “Good for him,” and my second is “wow, this website must be desperate.” Go ahead and tell me how a report that Bill Clinton cheated on his wife (something we’ve known for 15 years) is supposed to hurt her supposed presidential campaign in 2016.

They wanna smear both Clintons because their political enemies figure if Hillary wins POTUS then Bill will be in the White House probably every day, and calling the shots behind the curtains.

At least thats what I think they’re trying to accomplish with all this

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Not credible. She was too good-looking for his taste.

On This Week (Sunday political news program hosted by George Stephanopoulos), they were discussing Jeb Bush as a potential Republican candidate. He’s indicated that he’s thinking about running. So the 2016 race could be a sort-of rerun of the 1992 race; Clinton vs. Bush, and we could end up with either a second Clinton or the third Bush in the White House.

Okay, will do

If anything, this story just makes Clinton look better: We already knew he was fooling around on the side; this just says that he was fooling around with someone really hot and high-status. So?

I always thought it weird that the “most powerful man on Earth” was limited to the likes of Monica Lewinsky. Elizabeth Hurley, now that’s more like it.

It could be that or a lot of other things. Sizemore could be bored or dicking them around. I think if the Clinton’s “enemies” think they can hurt her by talking about his affairs in the '90s, they’re probably mistaken since he wound up looking better than his Congressional opposition did. Rand Paul sort of feinted in that direction recently but I don’t know if anybody would really try to make a campaign issue of it. All of that said, I don’t believe this story anyway.

The only way this is a story is if Hillary joined them.

Who considers Tom Sizemore a reliable source?

So, basically, the plan is to make Bill even more JFK-like?

The lack of any actual story hasn’t stopped the right wing from running with a scandal before. I don’t see why this should be any different. I’m expecting Bill O’Reilly to do a segment on whether Clinton disrespected veterans of the War of 1812 by having sex with a British person in the White House.

So, this is just the break the Dole campaign is looking for?

I can’t fault a man for doing something I’d gladly do myself! Lucky Bill

I think Sizemore needs to remember what Clinton had done to Vince Foster.

Never mind, he didn’t

Unless this is a bowl of steaming bullshit, why is this in Cafe Society?

A fair point. I’m picking up my tongs and moving this to MPSIMS.

So if my spouse cheats on me, I should not hold office? Even after 20 years? Talk about blaming the victim…