16 years after he was born in my house… Bill left, Saturday afternoon 2-13 at 1:45pm.
It was the end of an era. His mom and sister left 2 years prior, a week apart, starting on April fools day 2014. Bills mother was a Mountain Feist and his father a Jack Russell Terrier. He feared nothing… except the vacuum.
He was an obedient and dutiful watchdog yet a lovable companion. Everyone loved Bill. He would sleep with my stepmother when she came to visit. She loved him.
You could not hope for a better dog.
I was very lucky to have him, and his mother, and siblings as my companions.

I’m sorry for your loss. He was a sharp looker.

Sorry about Bill, CerebrAl. That’s a good, long life. He’s got that I-may-be-smaller-and-older-than-you-but-I-can-still-mess-you-up look in his eyes. :slight_smile: Cutie! When the time comes to get another (you know it will), consider a rescue–you won’t be sorry.

Thank you for your consideration.
Although the grief seems insurmountable at times. I have nothing to be sad about, to the contrary…I am to be envied.
I now have 4 dogs, 2 are dogs that had been abandoned by at least one owner.
I have a chihuahua, a rat terrier, a Jack Russell terrier and …another dog, small white and, fluffy…we think he maybe part Maltese, part chihuahua…doesn’t really matter to me as long as they can get a long and come when called.

The Jack Russell was a victim of a poor choice. His owner gave up on him after 6 years…the wife hated the dog. Like I said…poor choice :smack:. I would have let the wife go and kept the dog.

The Rat terrier had several owners, but I am the only one that is willing to put up with her obsessive-compulsive behavior.

I won’t be taking on anymore dogs for a while, at least I can’t imagine the circumstances that you make me consider it.

Thanks again…Burp.

Yep. When one gets a pet it usually does not end well for either.

To add to my list of regrets is that I never met Bill. He sounds like a wonderful doggy. My condolences to you, your step mother, and anyone else whose life will be less fulfilled by his absence.

Sounds like Bills life had real meaning. You gave him a great life and in return he gave every drop of love he had. I never met Bill but I miss him anyway. :frowning: