Billy Ray Cyrus not getting divorced

Hearts break all over America! :slight_smile:

God Miley needs to lay off the makeup. She’s an attractive girl for the most part but her makeup is SO f’n thick that it’s gross to look at.

And for christs sake Bill, stop making pouty kiss lips in ever picture and act your age!

As “Rolling Stone” magazine said when Achy Breaky Heart was a hit “Billy Ray Cyrus-rhymes with virus”…

I guess that’s pretty cool.

I knew normal kids would often think they must put on more makeup to be pretty enough to be popular, but I always thought the stars knew better. When people actually want to look like you, you don’t need to try to hide your face.

When do we get to hunt and kill him?

Well, Billy Ray says he has called off the divorce; his wife might still say it’s a go.

Or maybe Hannah Montanna destroyed his divorce like it did his family.