Bioware Writers -- my own little mod-let

Completely uncertain if this should be in Cafe Society or MPSIMS (or even, I guess, IMHO) but I figure it’ll get where it belongs eventually. :smiley:

I wrote a mod for the Bioware Writers’ Contest and I’m interested to see what you Doper gamers think. I know I can definitely improve and I’m interested to see how – this is, after all, my chosen career.

The link to the modlet is here.

It does require NWN. I think it requires the other mods that go with NWN, but all I know is that I had SoU and HotU when I made it and one of the fellows is wearing a robe, and I don’t think the robes came out until one of the expansions.

If you really want me to know what you think you can also vote on it, which might just give me a chance for a really wicked job (or at the very least, Bioware shwag).

Oh, and mods, if this is somehow against the rules, I apologize. I know it might be skirting them…

I just got back into NWN, and I work only with new content (my own mods or something from the Vault- no “official campaign” stuff.) I’ll check out your mod and send you my opinion.


Couple of important bits –

This really is only about the dialogue. I know that the whole thing takes place in a very dull square of forest; I didn’t waste time with changing that as, well, that’s not what they were asking for. It’s got no combat and it’s only about 15 minutes long. These were all parts of the requirements.

So if your complaints lie along those lines, well… :wink:

I know about the contest; I haven’t entered myself because I don’t write dialogue very well. I know what to look for, though, and will let you know accordingly.