Bizarre movie from the past

A new ad campaign on the radio: There’s nobody loves you like your Mum, even when she spanks you on the bum… The song itself isn’t important, but it caused me to recall a movie that I saw once maybe 25 years ago.

The basic plotline is that a fellow is alone for a while (wife on holiday-whatever) and he meets two young women and decides to invite them over for some fun, but the whole thing takes a psychotic twist-they destroy his house-the delivery guy ends up dead in the fishtank-that sort of thing. The movie was produced in the UK, IIRC.

I haven’t thought of the movie in ages, but now my interest is piqued. What is the title? Over to you, learned compadres. :wink:

I believe your movie may be Death Game, a rather trashy thriller which features performances by Colleen Camp and Sondra Locke as the psychotic young women.

I have nothing to contribute – but could you explain how that song made you think about that movie? :confused:

I do believe you’e nailed it, pinkfreud. Thanks.

As to your query, Rube E. Tewesday, were I able to explain why the mind makes the strange associations it does, I’d be in the field of psychiatry, or psychology, neither of which is where I make my living.

The idmb reference above indicates a tune entitled Dear Old Dad which, when cited, was correct as opposed to what my mind had filed.