Bizarre Things about Saddamscam

(Saddamscam being the name proposed by Diogenes the Cynic for the Nigerian Yellowcake scandal… I’m expanding the name to encompass everything over the past, say, year of dealings with Iraq)

This is my list of everything bizarre that has arisen with the buildup to the war, the war itself, and the aftermath of the war. When I say bizarre, I mean stuff that looks like it could have come out of Catch-22, 1984, or something similar – shit that an alien from another planet would notice and say “You’ve got to be kidding, right? This is some sort of Earth humor?”

Feel free to augment the list as you will. I figure my list will probably be a little biased :wink:
[li]Iraq pretty much thumbed its mustachioed nose at the U.N. since Moses was knee-high to a grasshopper. The U.N., however, did not feel that military action was necessitated by such spurning. The U.S., against the U.N.'s wishes, decided to attack Iraq anyway. In other words – to punish Iraq for ignoring the U.N., the U.S. ignored the U.N. and attacked Iraq.[/li][li]There don’t appear to be any WMDs in Iraq. I’m not sure anyone saw THAT coming. I myself thought that Iraq maybe had some, but certainly not enough to pose an imminent threat to the U.S. and therefore warrant an invasion.[/li][li]Because of the lack of WMDs, the hawks have been placed in an unusual position – having to declare that this war was never about WMDs but rather was about freeing the Iraqi people from the Evil of Saddam Hussein. This, in effect, attempts to place those against the war (who I’ll collectively and probably somewhat innacurately call “liberals”) in the awkward position of being against freeing the Iraqi people from the Evil of Saddam Hussein. To put it another way, the hawks would like to conflate the liberal stance of “anti-war” with the stance of “anti-end-of-Iraqi-tyranny.” In other words – the conservatives (you know, those anti-Welfare, “fuck the poor,” rich white guys) are the ones who care about the poor, downtrodden Iraqi, whereas the liberals are being portrayed as not giving two shits about Iraq.[/li][li]december. Maybe it’s because I didn’t have much exposure to this guy before, so he’s new to me, but… yeesh. Is he a script collectively written by Cheney, Rumsfeld, and Wolfowitz, programmed to unthinkingly spew out the latest conservative claptrap? Some of the stuff he post truly defines the word “bizarre.”[/li][li](Since I just picked on him, I’ll credit this point which was originally noted by Our Favorite Month) G.W. Bush has succeeded in lowering the bar for WMD expectations. Originally, we expected chemical weapons to be used on our troops. Then we expected to find warehouses of Nasty Stuff during our postbellum search. Now we just need to find documents talking about a “chemical program” to vindicate Bush. Damn.[/li][li]The Bush Administration lied/deceived/misled the American people about the threat of WMDs, most notably with the Nigerian Uranium fiasco (see the first link in this post for a thread with cites). Moreover, due to their shift in focus onto the downtrodden Iraqis, they want us to believe that they behaved morally, righteously, and justly while lying through their teeth. That’s not only bizarre; it’s contemptible.[/li][li]Oceania has always been at war with Iraq. When was the last time you heard the Bush Administration mention “WMDs”? Now, the emphasis is on finding evidence of a weapons program. Truly, I must grudgingly such adroit revisionist history. Update: Oceania has never been at war with Iraq.[/li][/ul]

Mustn’t leave out the aluminum tubes and the al Qaida connection.

One thing the country concenred is Niger not Nigeria and Nigerian refers to to Nigeria not Niger. The adjective for Niger is Nigerien.

You know, I think I knew on some level that “Nigerian” meant “from Nigeria,” but I know that I have never seen the word “Nigerien.” That’s not to say that you’re wrong; it’s to say that I just plain didn’t know the proper adjective for “from Niger.”

Thanks for the correction.

(Can I add the word “Nigerien” to the Bizarre List? :slight_smile: )

You see, questions like "what do you call someone from the Central African Republic? (a Central African) keep me awake at night :slight_smile:

I thought this was going to be a link to Saddam’s **cam, ** as in webcam. I am sorely disappointed.

Bokassa’s dinner

I thought the OP had hideously misspelled the word ‘sadomasochism’, with word ‘bizarre’ in the title and what not.

mascaroni, please be advised that hideous and unseemly humor is not acceptable from one who’s post count is insufficient. Further, you have caused me to lose a shot of a quite respectable single malt in nasal eruption, and to the detriment of my long-suffering keyboard.

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Back to the OP,

Don’t forget the unmanned Iraqi drones. You know the ones. The ones that could drop tons of chemical weapons on the US at any moment.

I saw a news pic of the drones. They looked like they were held together with duct tape.

The Iraqi Ships of Death were quite… hmmm, what´s the word? “stupefying”

Never underestimate the power of duct tape! If the Wright Brothers had had duct tape, they could have launched an air raid on Washington!

Hey there, MrTuffPaws! I once saw MacGiver building a plane using bamboo, garbage bags and duct tape in no more than 10 minutes. Just think what the Iraqis could have made in 12 years!!! :eek:

Oh, geez, guys! Now Bush will start claiming that if they find “duck” tape in Iraq, that will prove they had WMD. Of course, they won’t, but there will be papers found that indicate that Iraq had a “duck” tape program.

Did anybody else see the title and think of Slitscan?

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