Bizarre vagina requests (caution, possible language)

V: To steal one’s bit
Krusty: “If this is anyone other than Steve Allen, you’re stealing my bit!”

Bravo to Harborwolf for the link to the cartoon strip aptly titled Vagina Hat

Cage away! Have you read that thread about Arnold and the Vagina Hat?

Maybe, by tomorrow, someone will actually call Arnold ‘Vagina Hat’ and the moniker will stick.

V: To take delight in the political and personal destruction of ones foes.

I don’t know…this guys been a huge star for years and years. And not just a star, but one of the hunky muscle bound type guys. I have a hard time believing that some of these women weren’t coming on to him, and offering these things. After all, like he made her go to the restroom by herself and do these things???

“Excuse me… Waitress… there’s no hair in my soup!”

Atrael she didn’t do it. She did threaten to pour a hot pot of coffee on his head for asking. It won’t matter. California will have the Terminator for Governor regardless.

Isn’t that is where the Bushes are really from? along with Nixon Reagan Bono…didn’t I see some porn star running for Gov. (shrug) California politics :smack:
(t-keela…hauling his ass back to Texas before the tar & feathers show up)


Here’s my question – these alleged incidents happened over the course of many years. Arnold has been a gubernatorial candidate for nearly two months. Why did it take until 72-96 hours before the actual election for all of these women to come bubbling up with their groped breasts and vagina requests?

If some guy groped me or made indecent requests of me, I’d make sure that people knew about it. If he were famous, I’d go right to the media. If I saw him pop up as a candidate for an important elected office, I’d be on the phone before he could finish the sentence “And so I announce my candidacy for the office of…” I sure wouldn’t wait for the media to come find me, and it wouldn’t be so close to the election that there wasn’t enough time for people to make a reasonable decision on the veracity of my claim.

This whole thing stinks.

Oh, I agree that something smells …um… shall we say fishy.

Some of these incidents are several years old (as much as 20+ years) The one in this thread occurred during the filming of Terminator 1, IIRC

I though at first…they couldn’t have been too offended…then I checked my ignorance at the door. There are many reasons why a person might not report a sexual assault, it is quite common in fact. Not to mention that many of these women were aspiring to be actors and Arnold was “the Man”. His buddies would back him up and they’d never work again.

All of this is irrelevant. He hasn’t denied that he was an egomaniac who did a lot of shit in his past including group sex, drugs and extremely rude behavior (possibly criminal in fact). He was living in a world where he was king. Politics was not in the plan.

Now he is admitting, apologizing and asking for a second chance to show he is no longer the “beast” he once was. After he is elected governor, I expect to hear about the financial settlement and possible gag orders regarding some these cases and others that were worse.

Arnold has the money and connections to do just about whatever he feels like doing. Don’t forget he was GHWB’s poster boy and is married into the Kennedy clan. Those families know how to get away with shit.

Damn…think about it. Arnold has control of California

Jeb has control of Florida

and Texas is a given…Poppy is running it.

the Shrub couldn’t lose if he bankrupt the whole freakin country. :eek:

stinks from coast to coast <tin foil hat off>