Black Friday and other crazy consumerism in the MMP

I did the shopping and got my meds. We had lunch, and now **FCD **and his dad are on a errand. MIL is going to nap. I think I’ll chill with my knitting.

The merchants around here have apparently gotten even greedier and are trying to expand BF to include the entire month. Thing is, I tend to remember the prices of things that I’m interested in and recognize when the advertised ‘sale price’ is the same as last month’s regular price, (before they marked it up so they could mark it down.)
I haven’t seen anything ‘on sale’ this year that I would even get out of bed for, much less get dressed and leave the house. I may make an online purchase from Da Jungle, as we need filters for the pet watering device and our refrigerator. I’ll likely also add a few things from my wish list, but that’s about it.

Speaking of leaving the house; 100-mile-away-kids who usually have T-day at their house advised us a few days ago that they weren’t hosting at their house this year for: reasons. I heaved a sigh of relief, which, thankfully, Wifey didn’t hear. However, the next day they texted Wifey to tell her that dinner was back on. :eek: So Thorsday I get to drive 2 hours each way to have dinner. At least most of it’s freeway, but it will be full of crazy people. :mad:
Now don’t get me wrong, I love these ‘kids’, but I don’t love them any less when I’m not in the same room with them. I’m just flexible that way.

You’re lucky. Around here Xmas music is an improvement.
almost all of our local stations fall into one of these groups: country, hip-hop, religious, or ‘classic rock’. I get my fill of country and classic rock pretty quick, the others I don’t like at all. There is one ‘jazz’ station, from a local college, but their transmitter is apparently a 75 watt bulb, and the DJs are all college students, whose concept of what constitutes jazz is extremely flexible.
Oh, I forgot ‘talk’ radio. The less said about that the better.

I usually have my car radio tuned to our one classical music station, also from a local college. Or just as often, the radio is off.

My life does not require a sound track.

I shall have to check out this Bob Rivers person.

Glad you’re once again a druggie, Mom.

Bumba, do you have an NPR station in reach? Admittedly it can be construed as ‘talk radio’ depending on it’s programming, but at least it’s reasonably intelligent talk (except during pledge week).

FCM, glad you were able to fill your prescription with too much drama.

Sari, know what you mean, my bladder is on a 5am wake-up setting. And congrats to Ripple. Cats will be cats.

Ruble, you forgot to mention it was uphil both ways.

Jo, did you have any money leftover for lunch? That is a weird story.

Nut, not sure your story counts, since (1) it was something you actually needed and could make use of and (2) everybody was polite (you crazy Brits). NOT most people’s memory of Black Friday here in the Colonies…

Fed and toasty indoors while the weather outside continues to look more and more like rain. Staying put is my plan of (in)action.

That was grade school ------ and 11 miles each way ------- and we had to walk. Shopping was different. :wink:

(Actually I do remember one winter when I was about 8 that my chore every morning was shoveling ----- THE ROOF! Before walking the mile to school. But in the interest of full disclosure it was basically level.)

Oh, I’m sure I ate some mall pizza or something out of my half of the funds. It is a weird story in retrospect although my parents divorced when I was fairly young and my mom worked a couple jobs so we kids learned quickly not to set ourselves on fire or get kidnapped. Plus it was the early 80s when children ran feral in the streets.

I have Sirius Radio, although why? when I drive so little?
I seldom listen to the radio in the house,

I miss the station that I was able to get in the armpit. It was an eclectic station out of Grasonville.
Through them I discovered Tool, Zucchero, Fleet Foxes, My Morning Jacket, Damian Marley, Michael Franti, Lucinda Williams, Thievery Corporation… well, a whole lot of artists.
And as old as they are, you can tell it’s been while.

I just found out I can get it on my phone. That makes me happy!

Yes, we do, but I’m really not that interested in listening to another long-winded expose on the plight of left-handed lesbians in Botswana*, thankyouverymuch.

*Okay, I made that up, but I couldn’t remember the gist of the one piece that convinced me that NPR doesn’t really have anything to say to me.

Yes, I am a curmudgeon.

‘Needed’ is stretching it… If civilisation ever gets destroyed, I have enough seeds to feed a small city. I already have far more than I’ll ever grow.

We do have the insane sales here as well, which are not polite affairs (they don’t even stop for afternoon tea! It’s just not cricket). Traditional Boxing Day sales -day after Christmas- not named for people fighting over a new handbag- and now Black Friday is becoming a thing over here as well. I avoid them. I can get excited about a new tomato variety, but not a new TV.

‘The Twelve Pains of Christmas’, ‘The Restroom Door Said Gentlemen’ et all.
His songs, shall we say, put me in the correct mood for the season…

Higgs and I are just back from a walk around the block. **FCD **is napping. I have one more section to make for my afghan, then I get to edge all the sections before sewing them together.

Yeah, it’s dull here. I don’t think I could ever live in a retirement community. FIL was telling me 6 people on their street have died this year. Just too depressing.

To me, it’s not Christmas until I’ve heard The Twelve Pains of Christmas and Walking 'Round in Women’s Underwear.

FCM, glad you got the meds situation settled. Also glad that the in-laws are improving!

Almost done with work for the day. I’m working 2 9-hour days today and tomorrow, then I’m taking off on Wednesday. Romeo works today, then has off for the rest of the week. He worked this past weekend, so he gets a day off during the week (Tuesday). The campus is closed on Wednesday, so he gets Wednesday off, and of course, he gets Thursday and Friday off. Tomorrow, Juliet Jr. still has school and Romeo Jr. will be at daycare since the fewest days we can pay for in a week is 3. So he’ll have the house to himself tomorrow… to clean. Hopefully.

Tomorrow, I have to come in stupid early. There’s a process I need to write on that they’re doing first thing in the morning. But at least I’ll be done at 3:30 tomorrow!

My favorite is The Twelve Pains of Christmas, but I also like Holy Shit, It’s Christmas, and Walking in an Essex Wonderland
Essex being the one in Baltimore.

Well, I have been known to find out when tickets for my favourite bands are going to go on sale, and then wait on the website at the appointed time until tickets first become available.

To answer the OP, lord no. No, no, no, no, no.

My uncle gave us one of those ducks on a string that quacks when you pull it for just that reason. We disabled the quakers right after he left. :stuck_out_tongue:

All of these things are so, so true.

I find it so weird now that kids don’t. I remember walking to school quite young, and being unceremoniously dumped out of the house after school and being told to come on when the streets lights came on. Occasionally messages were passed by kid telegraph - “Your mom is yelling for you” - passed from 3 blocks over. :smiley: Now my kids sit inside and play with their tablets. Bah humbug.

Still smoky, but rain is forecasted. Yay! I hope the forecast holds and the firefighters get some relief.

My former job actually Friday was a regular workday…for an office setting! Now I have a new job where I’m off on Fridays, but Black Friday now starts Thanksgiving! It was so weird few years ago when it first happened. I was so used to going out on Friday mornings, that I did it despite Walmart opening Thanksgiving. Just seeing fewer and fewer customers, since the big items were already sold night before. I’m one of the few that still buys DVDs, and usually the ones I want are still in stock on Black Friday…

With my health issues I have to be more strategic and just probably try out three stores: Best Buy, Target, and Office Depot. And go straight to items I wanted and leave quickly

The downstairs neighbours are usually pretty quiet, but now they’ve apparently gotten a pet horse that is galloping all over the house.

Gee, george, my last pickup truck was only $10K new off the lot! :stuck_out_tongue:

nut, have you recently downloaded a new app? Some of them can drain a battery rather quickly. My phone’s battery will run down more quickly when it’s on wifi when I’m not using it.

bumba, not all NPR stations are created equally. The one at MTSU down the road is an Americana format and most excellent. I also get a classical stationn out of Belmont in addition to the main NPR station out of Nashville. As far as Bob Rivers music goes, my favorite is The Restroom Door Said Gentlemen.

I haven’t ever been a fan of black Friday. I’ve participated a couple of times, but hated it almost as much as the last minute Xmas eve shopping madness that Sis and my SIL wind up doing. I don’t even like to go to Tar-jay for basics during the holiday season.

One more day and I head north. I’m so ready for a break.

black Friday here isn’t all big of a deal and theres plenty of leftovers for the weekend …….a lot of the places here aren’t closing for the holiday anyways

and theres local/county laws for inventory and how early you can line up for

what you have to be careful is getting robbed in the parking lots by e-bay resellers and the like
when certain games came out they had escorts of people to their cars ………

Howdy Y’all! I cleanded da cave, messed around on the book of face, we did steak night over to the church house and now am home and tahrd. We did not have baked N.O.T. tonight. The person who buys stuff bought ‘em yestiddy afternoon and put them on a table in the church kitchen as always. However, this mornin’, a group were over in the Parish hall to fill TDay baskets and such. The N.O.T. got spotted and ended up as a part of that instead of bein’ consumed tonight. :smiley: Oh well, maybe a ten pound bag of bakin’ N.O.T. will make someone’s Turkey Day a little happier.

MOOOOOOM yay for gettin’ your meds and for the in-laws doin better!

I must needs check out this Bob Rivers person’s music. I feel I may have been missin’ out and have been deprived of some joyous seasonal music. Poor me!

Was off today, did laundry, walked Gordie 6 times, went to see some college hockey. A Wolfpack win and local beer makes life good.:slight_smile:

I’ve spent my working life in retail ,so I always spend Black Friday being cursed and trampled.:mad::frowning:

One of these days. I even found the perfect shirt(assuming I don’t do Hockey Santa)

I might re-up, they have B.B. King’s blues channel ,and the NHL channel.

“Wreck the pet store, do some damage!
Send the beagles on a rampage”

And the only non bob rivers Xmas songs I liek are “Christmas in Hollis” , “You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch”, and “Fairytale of New York