Black guy in Cheech and Chong!!

Hey! I need your guys’ help. I’ve seen the Cheech and Chong movies a bunch of times. And in Cheech and Chong’s Next Movie, there are two scenes stand out in my mind. The first is in the unemployment office. Cheech is getting busy and Chong is sitting in the office with some weirdos. The best of the weirdos is the black guy sitting next to Chong. That guy is hilarious. Is he the same guy that does the ‘noises’ in Police Academy? And he also does this scene where he plays Jimmi Hendrix on stage. He does all the ‘music’ with his mouth. Anyway, I was just wonderin what his name is and if anybody can find the mp3 or wav of these clips on the net. I couldn’t find them and I did a damned good search. I also could not find them on any P2P programs.
Anyway, thanks for the info.

Michael Winslow,+Michael+(I)
And, if you’re near High Point, NC, it’s you’re lucky day:

Ben Powers- Angry Guy In Welfare Office
John Steadman- Old timer in Welfare office

One of these guys, maybe? According to IMDb.

I didn’t see any link to Police Acadamy, though.