Blacks and Gays

I’m not sure where to put this, it’s probably more better suited for Great Debates, but knowing how this place works, I’m sure it’s gonna boil down to a frenzy of heated emotions real quick. Let’s see.

Blacks have in the last, however many years, made great strides towards attempting to become a part of mainstream society here in the States. Still, there are many barriers they face, and rightly so. (Shooting yourself in the foot is NOT a great way of proving you’re acceptable in what we now realize as todays society) It’s not being handled in the most delicate of fashion, by all sides concerned, so spreading blame at this point is useless. Here on this board (don’t ask for a cite, I ain’t going there. If you’ve read these boards, you know what I mean) I see a trend that indicates that the next influx of rebellion? is going to be amongst the gays. Y’know, the old “give 'em an inch, and they’ll take a mile” adage. Gays can now get married in Canada, and I’m sure elsewhere will follow. So now, the next set of eggshells we walk on is for the gays?

It’s hard to be a white, straight man these days. It really is.

So wait…are you saying this is a BAD thing?

What is the point of your post? Spell it out for me–maybe I’m just having problems understanding.

It’s hard to be any kind of person.

It’s particularly difficult to be any kind of good person.

Why do gay people getting married make your life hard?

I’m confused. Exactly how does other groups of people gaining certain basic, human rights effect us as straight, white males? Are there a certain number of rights that can be given out, and when others gain some, some of ours need to be taken away?

Ah, the old plight of the straight, white man deal.


If you’re fishing for sympathy, I hope you have some more bait in your box.

Are you saying it’s harder these days to be a white straight man than to be black or gay?? No, it really is not. If you truly think that and cannot, on your own, think of at least one gajillion examples of why that is not so, then could you please leave the SDMB and never come back?

RE: “shooting yourself in the foot”, “not being handled in the most delicate of fashion,” “spreading blame”, “rebellion”, “eggshells”, etc: I would comment if I understood what in the Wild, Wild World of Sports you’re talking about.

Payback’s a bitch.


Poor you.

Insensitive Scum. You have no idea what it’s like unless you are a straight white man, and you’ve walked a mile in my shoes.

You think it’s so easy being a white straight male?

You try spending all day at a nude beach, getting your Willy sunburned, and then having your girlfriend want to do it that night.

Until you have experienced that, you have no idea what it’s like to be a white straight male.

I do believe this is a give em an inch and they will take a mile argument. You know when the white man was nice enough to give black folks some of their inalienable rights they got greedy. Started asking for more. Then it went too far

Now gays are starting to ask for their rights. I believe the OP thinks much foot shooting will ensue. Or something like that.

Dude you are a fucking idiot.

And which barriers are you saying are justified?

But all Canadian gay marriages must be solemnized by the murder of a straight, white, Christian infant. There was a memo, people.



Oh, horseshit.


(Wait for the link to a National Alliance website.)
As a bonafide, certifiable white guy, (a middle aged one at that), I’m having trouble figuring whether I should simply give in and roll on the floor laughing, or weep that such nonsense still has people willing to voice it.

Maybe you’re not doing it right.

Bandanaman, you almost had a valid point, and I think I see (though not necessarily agree with) where you’re coming from. However, you’ve phrased it very poorly, and, even if you hadn’t, the last sentence in your post completely discredits anything that might’ve been worth discussing.

I’m trying to give you the benefit of the doubt, here, so maybe a rephrasing is in order? Or elaboration?

Yeah, man! It is hard being a straight white male these days. I always hated it when I go into a department store and the lady always asks me if I’d like to fill out a credit card application and then when my BLACK friend goes in to the same store same lady they don’t even ask him. JEEZ! I feel soooo violated after that! Yeah its hard being white in a world thats predominately ruled by white people. (cues in the worlds smallest violin) :rolleyes:

HUH? Why not a little more outrage? First, the OP implies that blacks deserve the barriers they face (“rightly so”) in society. Next, that blacks and gays must somehow prove they are acceptable to fit into today’s society. Finally, that by achieving some measure of success today, blacks have forced whites to walk on eggshells, and now the gays are about to do the same.

OOOH, I’m so sorry. Hope you don’t cut your feet on those eggshells. :rolleyes:

Hey, cut the OP some slack. If it’s hard to be a white, straight male, imagine how hard it is to be a white, straight male dumbass. You’re pretty much screwed from the get-go.

…Ok. Giraffe nailed it on the head. I can’t argue with that one.

Well, if nothing else, he did choose the correct forum. This thread would have lasted about two minutes (give or take 90 seconds) in GD.