Blasted Pit Mods!

Seriously, thanks for taking that… thread… out of here. Goobers like us swarm all over that stuff like moths to flame and we should know better. Sorry to make more work for you by piling on like that.

Flame? Where is the flame? I want to see the flame.

The flame? You wanna see Alphagene’s girlfriend?

Is she cute? Hell yeah if she is.

Sofa King: No flame here. The only flame that might possibly have come out of this would have been for the OP of the now-extinct thread. But then again it wouldn’t really have been worth it.

If you really gotta know what the hell I’m talking about, just think “doctors”.

Doctors are bad. They cut my gonads. Bye!

(flutter, flutter, flutter)

I hate Olentzero for taunting me with your vague references to threads I didn’t see.

Is that enough of a flame?


Oh, God. Where am I supposed to find a pot so I can boil my eyes to rid myself of that visual?


Jeez, do I gotta spell out everything for you guys?! See if I ever consider subscribing to your site, you gonna flame me like that. :wink:

BronzeLion showed back up as a very badly disguised sock puppet. How badly disguised? Different name, same exact rant as he did the last two times, except with a preface along the lines of “If you don’t believe me, ask someone at your work. But if you don’t already know, nobody’s probably going to tell you”. Yeah, the truth is out there :rolleyes: A couple of us threw some stupid remarks in and then the thread got trashed, and justifiably so.

Sofa King, you old reprobate! Last I heard from you life was treating you pretty nicely, de-torsion notwithstanding. How you been??

Well, I’m still de-torsed, which I suppose is a good thing, but I still want to walk around in a circle all the time 'cause The Boys ain’t lined up like they’re supposed to be. Otherwise, eh, what’s to complain?

Having briefly delved into the warped psychology of our boy in bronze, I’d like to retract my earlier statement about doctors. Please do not associate me with that person in any way.