Blizzard 2003 Bloopers and Practical Jokes (stupidest things you saw)

When I was out warning people away from the road the other night, several cars when whizzing down the plowed main road going FAR too fast. Then a four-wheeled ATV came along, probably doing 30+ MPH, towing a board with two guys on it. They were on a 20 foot rope or so, swinging back and forth from one side of the street to the other, lying on their stomachs on some sort of… well it looked like a boogie board only bigger.

Stupid, stupid, stupid. What if one of those ultra-fast drivers was coming along at the same time? There is a curve in the road in <i>both directions</i> and so the visibility doesn’t go far.

You expect people to be smart? I would have thought you’d have learned by now that people are really stupid.

Anyway I saw so many crazy people on the roads it wasnt even funny. Not one person was going the speed limit on any of the higways around here in MD, everyone was doing 65+, even with all of the warnings of snow drifts covering lanes etc. I didn’t see any accidents but I sure did see lots of people turned over, in snow banks and turned all the way around and that still didn’t slow anyone down. Nope people are just stupid.

Traffic was virtuallly at a stand still – it took me half an hour to drive two blocks up the street. So, fine, whatever, we’re all in the same boat. Big black minivan ahead of me, didn’t want to wait, so made a left turn (which clogged traffic the other way) in order to drive the wrong way up a narrow one-way street.

I guess that butthead thought he/she could by-pass the traffic snarl.
Instead, it caused a huge backlog on the one-way street and if the minivan driver had thought about it, he/she wouldn’ve realize that any other street was bound to be just as bad – we weren’t waiting to get around a fender-bender, the problem was the road conditions of the city streets. It must have taken far, far more time to squeeze around all the on-coming cars just to end up in an identical snarl three blocks over than it would have to stay put and wait, like everyone else.

It took me as long to drive home as it does to walk. Literally.