Blue shirt, yellow tie

Any man who has to wear business attire can relate to the problem of finding a clean shirt and matching tie every morning. But what’s the deal with every fifth guy on the street matching a blue shirt with a yellow tie. I’ve worn it myself, but I’m going to be the first to call that look played out.

Tomorrow I’m going to wear a mint green shirt with a pink tie as a sign of my defiance.

Personally I’d rather see someone wearing a short skirt and a long jacket. I never get tired of that.

I don’t wear ties. Wouldn’t take a job that required one (unless, you know, the price was right). Doesn’t make sense to start your day by tying a noose around your own neck. I sometimes wear a bright red tie the Grinch on it with a dark blue checkered shirt. Around Christmastime. Sometimes.

…WTF dude… Mint?

I don’t know what the big deal is with wearing two complimentary colors. They look nice together.

I don’t think a yellow tie with a blue dress shirt is played.

Go Bears!

No it won’t, you rebel. It’ll be a sign of you being either early or late for Easter.

Yellow ties can be problematic, I think. If the pattern is small, that, to me, screams Gordon Gecko, as do blue shirts with white cuffs and collar–yuck.

I don’t know who Gordon Gecko is, but I think a French blue shirt with white collar and cuffs on a gentleman is a bit to 80s for my tastes.

I nominate this post for “The Most Deliciously Ironic Post Of The Day.”

I wear ties to some funerals and most weddings. Period. I own four ties, one suit and two sport jackets.

Last time I went to a job interview in a suit, the fella interviewing me was in khakis and a sweater, and he very facetiously said “hey, nice tie”. I haven’t had to wear a tie, or even a dress shirt to work in over 6 years. Sweaters or rugby shirts (I’m on a one-man crusade to bring back the rugby shirt) in the winter, casual silk or polo shirts in the summer.

Today is shorts, a polo from one of my district’s high schools ( I don’t work for people that won’t dress me) and flip flops. I consider this semi-formal for summer.

Isn’t every style in business attire played, though? Like, “Check out the lawyer in the charcoal grey suit, white pressed shirt and red tie! How unimaginative!”