Blurgh, tell me the Disgusting Things You Must Do

What in hell was wrong with their own fingers? Your friends missing a hand or something?

LOL. They couldn’t bring themselves to do it, all of them saying they’ve never done it before. So no bulimics!

One of them didn’t have a gag reflex. Woot!

My dog eats a lot of grass and sometimes she gets a whole piece of grass coming out with her poop but it doesn’t exit completely and I have to grab a wipe and extract the poop from her butthole. This is an excellent reason to get a short-haired dog (although the negative part of that is seeing dog butthole on a regular basis).

A couple of my dogs would eat tinsel and you would notice a little sparkle as they walked away. Yep, it’s an adventure to pull it out! Made their poop interesting though. Oooo…sparkly! That was a clue to check their butt!

Our body count has gone up since my last post. Grossness has gone up too. Since I posted Grady has killed a chipmunk, a skunk and a blue jay.

I didn’t witness the chipmunk murder so I didn’t notice it when I was mowing. I mowed over it but thankfully my deck is at 4" so I didn’t chop it up.

The blue jay…it was just laying in the middle of my yard today. I assume it was Grady who got it. He was totally disinterested when I shoveled it up and flung it over the fence. It was as stiff as a board. So far nothing has come to “claim” it.

The skunk was a whole fucking thing, of course. The dogs got sprayed. I assumed the skunk walked away unharmed. A couple days later I went to get something out of the shed and there were flies all over. I knew what had happened - the skunk was wounded and crawled under the shed to die.

I summoned my boyfriend to extract it. I’m a Strong Independent Woman but sometimes, just sometimes…uhm, you gotta let your man flex? (that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it) The skunk still smelled to high heaven. Once the boyfriend poked it with the stick I’d provided, I smelled it all the way up by the house, 80’ away. He said the grossest part was when he went to grab the tail to get it out and the tail came off. He double bagged the critter corpse and we put it right into the trash on the curb.

Somehow in all of the nauseousness, he didn’t manage to put the tail in the bag with the rest. I found it while mowing yesterday. Lucky for me it was 100% fur and I just mowed over it.

Life in the suburbs.

Got stuck in a backup while driving a vanpool van. The longer we sat, the more things began to stink. The cause of the backup was a truck with a load of dead animals lost part of it’s load on I-5 north of Seattle. Besides domestic pets such as dogs and cats, the mess included at least one horse, some cow parts, and what we figured to be a dolphin. Felt sorry for the one guy out there trying to keep the mess from spreading with a push broom. Heard on the new the truck was heading to a rendering plant.

Friend of mine was caring for his elderly mother. One morning he found her in bed with soiled sheets and assumed she’d shat the bed while asleep. Turns out, she was eating chocolates while reading the night before and fell asleep melting them during the night.

And this, in a nutshell, is why I went to college, so I would never have to do this ^^^

she was eating chocolates while reading the night before and fell asleep melting them during the night.~~~I have totally done this, but my sons are hundreds of miles away and do their own laundry but not mine.

I’ve enema-ed a horse and douched a dog.

Not disgusting IMO, but would probably freak some out.

Warning I can hears the cries of animal cruelty! But this goes on behind the scenes at your pet stores. Going from worst to least worse.

I worked at a pet store warehouse and we’d bring in hundreds of parakeets and cockatiels. Every morning, I’d go into the cage and sweep up the dead. The dying, I was taught to hold their body do a quick snap to break their neck. Didn’t always work. So I’d reverse the tactic. Hold their head and snap the body. Oops…sometimes the body would fly off! I once tried to twist the the figuring that would snap the neck. Nope, 360 and the body was still twitching. After that, I’d just choke them.

And before you say…ohhhh…how cruel. First of all, they’re suffering. Second, when their buddies are dying, the first thing the others do is peck their eyes out, then work their way through the rest of the skull!

BTW, I owned birds before and after that. That period was just something I had to do.

On to those cute little mice. At the pet store I used to work at, we had pinkies (baby mice) in the back room because one of the employees let a couple full grown ones loose. I was helping him move boxes of aquarium salt and when we got to the bottom row, we came across adult mice. Stomp on them before they could get away and bag up the pinkies in trash bags. Into the dumpster everything went.

Working in the pet shop meant checking for any dead mice or rats in the display and taking out the pinkies who would probably be eaten anyway. And scooping any dead fish throughout the day. Sometimes an entire tank full.