Bo Bice

Ok call me crazy, but for some reason, I can’t get enough of this guy. I just bought that Vehicle Cd, and it’s real good - espically the fact that Sambora is in it. Who thinks this guy is gonna be big?

First guy I ever saw on a reality show that I wouldn’t mind seeing more of. Boy can sing.

Love him!
I hope he doesn’t get too big, too fast. And then burn out. I like his laid back style.

Did anyone else read the thead title and immediately start thinking “Ice, Ice bo Bice Bonana fanna fo Fice …”

I came in here specifically to post that, damn you!

I bought the CD too. I actually enjoy that other song “Inside Your Heaven” more then Vehicle. I just think he’s fabulous. My sister teased me about buying it and then went and downloaded it off iTunes herself.

Sigh! I miss his cute little winks every Tuesday and Wednesday!

You guys are so funny. Now i have that rhyme in my head! Yeah Inside your Heaven is really good too. I think I like Carrie’s version better, hence why i bought her cd too!! But i like the Bo rendition too.

When will we be able to see him again? I know he’s making an appearance on the Tonight Show on July 6th, but not sure after that…I think they might start their concert soon, so he’ll be tied up doing that. I’m just hoping his full album comes out soon!

The guy played with Trey at Bonnaroo. His ok in my book. :wink:

Bo Bice w/ Trey @ Bonnaroo, playing a cover of VH’s Panama!

On The Don & Mike Show, they call him Bob Ice. For some reason, I find that pretty funny.

As those who posted regularly in Idol threads remember, I thought he was excellent. I will buy his music.

Bice Bice Baby …

I don’t particularly like him.

(I don’t pay that much attention to American Idol anyway, so I might be missing something.)

Bo just got married .

Ya beat me to it. I’m happy for him; what a year.

Oh my. His middle name is Elwin?!