Board's Been Wonky Today

Been acting up for anyone else? Its been intermittent…slow load times here and there and a couple times I got the “server sent no data” error and the board wouldn’t load at all. Firefox at work and Chrome at home…getting equally bad results.

Power outages in the area of the server due to t-storms?

Same problem here in Portland.

Happened to me late last night and again this AM (7-8).

Just happened again.

Just happened to me in Green Bay. (Now where did I put my zombie bullets?)

Noticed some of that too earlier today. Fallout from last weekend’s solar storms?

Maybe Marley’s testing a new button.

The server is Ed Zotti’s cell phone. Whenever he makes a long distance call, everything slows down.

I’ll let Ed know he needs to get another hamster.

Yes, it’s wonky in more ways than one. Very long times to accept posts and searches that lead to fatal errors. I blame it on the spammers.

Tuba says she’s on top of it all.

Well, I dunno about that “on top of it” part – I would fix it if I knew what it was and could do so … but I did tell Ed and Jerry.

You’re too modest, Dear.

Anyone else having trouble with a simple search? I get a fatal error if I search for a single keyword, and it doesn’t seem to matter what browser, what keyword, or what forum(s) I specify. It’s hard to try too many combinations due to the 2 minute limit, but I haven’t found one that works yet in the past 12 hours.

But the New Posts search seems to work fine.

I haven’t tried a search function today but here at work on the FF browser things seem to be cleared up today.

If someone, somewhere, fixed something…thanks!


…aaaaaaaaand as soon as I type a post saying everything is great, try to click to open a forum and “waiting for boards.straight dope”…and waiting, and waiting.

So sorry, this time it was my fault!


No problems all day, until about five minutes ago. Had a couple of “cannot find page” errors when trying to post.

It’s pretty slow right now.

I’ve been having similar issues for the last few days.

I’m having the opposite issue: my posts are ending up just a little more clever and insightful than normal.

Totally off topic----the snopes board has been similarly wonky the last 2-5 days.

This is really weird. If I search for the word “time”, using the search defaults (last 2 days, all forums), I get a fatal error message, the same every time, “PHP line 1007”. This happens in IE, Firefox, and Chrome. It happens in two computers at my site, although they share the same Internet connection & router.

The words tima, timb, timc, timd and timf do not cause a fatal error. Only the word “time”, and this has been going on for 4 days. Is “time” a reserved word?

Anyone else have this happen?

The PHP interpreter is on the server, not your computer, so internet connection and router etc. shouldn’t make a difference.