Bomb Found at Soros' Home

Bomb was found in the mailbox by an employee, bomb squad techs “proactively detonated” the bomb.

Tell me again about all those violent leftists while donors are receiving explosives. Explain the fragility of many on the right, while their compatriots actively plan and attempt to kill those on the left.

To paraphrase one of the dope’s own on such things, that’s not an entirely unreasonable response.

What’s not an entirely unreasonable response? :confused:

I’m pretty sure he’s referencing HurricaneDitka’s statement on Timothy McVeigh…

I was expecting a thread exposing George Soros’ bomb-making operation in his wine cellar.

Thanks, I too wondered.

Yep, after decades of the Right wing selling the fairy tale of Soros as the evil wizard of all things “Liberal” (always pronounced with deep disgust), someone actually believed it. Imagine that!

I’m not seeing a thing about elections here, more daily news.

Off to MPSIMS.

Sorry, I was at the beeratorium last night when I posted and left off the rest of my thought as a fresh new pint was delivered unto me.

But yeah BPC got it. Not an unreasonable response to Soros being Soros, I guess.

CNN is now reporting that similar devices were sent to the White House, to former President Obama, and to Hillary Clinton. (All were intercepted before they got anywhere near their presumably intended recipients.)

Also, to former President Clinton.

And now CNN has been evacuated.

Wait, what?

Edit: Found it.

More here.

Trump will claim it’s Dems that are sending them in order to rig the election by creating fake news. Just wait for the next Twitter blast.

Add the office of Debbie Wasserman-Schultz in Florida, Eric Holder in D.C., the San Diego Union-Tribune.

It’s still early in the afternoon.

Watching CNN, and Andrew Cuomo just said a device had been sent to his office too

Now it’s being reported that a device was not sent to the White House.

Do we know how many devices/packages have been confirmed as explosives?

tricksy bomber used wasserman Schultz as a return address. cnn showed the envelope with bomb that was sent to them. john brennan’s name was misspelled and dws was the return address.

soros, Obama, Clinton, holder, cnn, so far.