How would Republicans react if Trump turned out to be personally be sending the mail bombs?

Amusing thought when they announced on the news today that the common thread behind all these mail bombs was that they were sent to enemies of Trump.

Also, whoever the bomber is is marginally competent - any competent bomber would have (1) disguised each device better, they look exactly like a reference x-ray of a bomb in the photos on the news (2) made them harder to disarm. None of these devices have actually exploded, as far as I have heard, which is not exactly something you would expect from well made bombs.

So I was thinking : say the police trace the bombs. Excited, they find the trail leads right back to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave! They burst into the Lincoln bedroom and find the President, surrounded by bombmaking supplies and a “how to make mail bombs for dummies” instruction manual, as well as the phone he tweets from!

The secret service step in, send the police away, prevent any evidence being removed from the scene, and now the it’s all over the news.

How would the Republican party react to knowing the President was a felon and attempted murderer? What action would be taken by Congress, assuming that the President’s cabinet members refuse to do anything?

Probably nothing. They tried to cover up his treason, they tried to cover up Kavanaugh’s sex crimes, they’d try to cover this up too.

Sounds like a job for IMHO rather than GD.


Maybe blame it on Eric?

Fake News! A conspiracy by Hillary, George Soros, and Antifa!

They’d never be able to make anyone believe THAT. If the bomber wanted people to think it was from Eric or Donald Jr, they’d have sent a bowling ball with a firecracker sticking out of the finger holes.

A combination of obviously insincere disapproval and much more obvious ecstasy.

He’s a first-time president - learning on the job - mistakes are inevitable. Just give him some time and his mail bombs will work properly and make America great again.

They might have to admit Trump doesn’t read. He was skimming the pictures in the manual with no intent beyond creating an illusion.

It was mostly a goofy work of performance art, like your uncle putting M-80s in the oven at Thanksgiving. A few intrepid representatives might criticize the spelling mistakes.

I’d react the same way you’d react if it turned out to be President Hillary or President Obama.

In a wooden crate labeled “One ACME Bomb”.

Maybe it’s Melania.

They’d argue that the President has the legal right to launch targeted military attacks under his authority as Commander-in-Chief.

“He was … he was … he was just reverse-engineering* the bomb to make it easier for the Secret Service to detect them! Yeah, that’s what he was doing!”

*You do know that he has a very good brain, don’t you?

In his election campaign (in Iowa) Trump boasted “I could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn’t lose any voters.”

Sending bombs to ‘evil’ Democrats presumably wouldn’t alienate his supporters either.

I have a nightmare vision of Trump facing the Central American refugee caravan at the Mexico / US border.
He opens fire with a machine gun; killing hundreds and is carried from the scene by a crowd of cheering supporters - who then re-elect him.

  1. Initially a “wait and see” response. Until they do polling on their base.

Depending on how their base reacts:

2a. The base believes the reports, then it’s time for Trump to go, get indicted, etc.

2b. The Base doesn’t believe the reports (most likely). “Fake news!!!”

Note that what’s good for the country doesn’t figure into this at all.

How do you think that would be, specifically?

This is a weird hypothetical, given that it requires mindreading other people’s reactions to a highly-unlikely imaginary scenario. But what the hell - if we can have imaginary dancing Muslims in New Jersey and imaginary illegals voting for Hillary, let’s have some imaginary Republicans reacting to an imaginary mad bomber President.

Many would deny that it was true and would claim that it was all a conspiracy to frame Trump. And many would start pushing Congress to enact a 25th Amendment solution to get Trump out as quickly and neatly as possible and get Pence in place to keep their agenda rolling along. And many would just give up in horror at the utter shitshow American politics has become.

But very few would start voting Democratic.

Heck, I’d have trouble believing it. Trump is stupid and evil, but this isn’t his style of stupid and evil.

“blow her up, blow her up”.