Who is sending Bombs?

It seems that the GOP is accusing dems of making some kind of false flag about explosive devices sent to dems.

I would bet it is a false flag. From the right. They are as predictable as 5 year olds. The only one who gains from this without any taint is Putin. The more chaos and confusion the more beneficial to losers.

Let’s hope that these thrashings are the dying gestures of a party that has no future.

Uh, let’s just hope whoever did this gets caught soon and receives a very harsh punishment. How about we do that first?

Maybe. But the most likely possibility is it is just fucking whackadoos doing what whackadoos do. Simplest explanation is always the most likely.

Chances are its a nobody, CT loving, right wing crank acting on his own.

Basically the right wing equilent of James Thomas Hodgkinson.

We would kind of have to wait until someone is caught to know what you are asking. I doubt it’s a false flag (I have no idea what sort double-think you need to consider this a right wing false flag operation :p).

My WAG, as far as whodunit would be a lone right wing nutter, or maybe a small pod (cell?) of them, riled up by Trump et al and the horrible path the US is on because of those pesky commie-pinko Democrats.

The correct answer is “we don’t know (yet)”.

It is Matt Damon.


My guess is going to be the “Proud Boys” group.

I can’t tell you who is sending them. But I can tell you how they chose Maxine Waters, CNN, and George Soros to be among their targets.

According to a whole bunch of conservative types, it’s a liberal ‘false flag’ operation.

Ann Coulter
Rush Limbaugh
Michael Savage
James Woods
Mike Flynn Jr.
Frank Gaffney
Kurt Schlichter
Candace Owens
David Horowitz
John Lott

And the NRCC is launching a new ad with Soros as the bogeyman, because that’s who they are.

Damn smokers…

If only there were some organization, a group with police powers, who could investigate these incidents, and arrest the psychopath before someone actually gets killed, or worse.

If it’s a false flag operation, it’s pretty frickin’ stupid to create bombs that were “rudimentary but functional” (acc. to NYPD reports). The most important part is that no one–and the victims could’ve been dozens aside from the alleged direct targets–was hurt.

I hope whoever it is, they’re caught, whether one sole nut or a group with specific motives–left or right.

Well I have learned recently that the FBI doesn’t actually do investigations anymore. They just call three or four people, ask if they know of any crimes, and if the people don’t then the case is closed.

Why is this under elections, exactly?

Yeah, a bit like hiring “crisis actors” and then shooting their kids.

Which is exactly why you need to keep Putin on your list of suspects.:eek:

Frankly I’m a fan of Tamerlane’s fucking whackadoo theory. If there were a real Right Wing Conspiracy behind this, wouldn’t it make more sense for them to try and blow up someone who might run for President in 2020?

I knew a guy who mailed a package to a local county judge. In the package was a piece of pvc pipe with the letters TNT written on it. Nothing else, no real bomb of any kind. He was ‘disappeared’ for 2 years for that little stunt. Whoever did this will go down the river for a few decades. How stupid can you be?
ETA, I have no doubt this character was ginned up by Trumps remarks at these rallies.

heres the story ive read about this :https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/the-instant-inevitable-cries-of-‘false-flag’-after-bomb-threats-targeting-the-clintons-obamas-and-cnn/ar-BBOQs9K?li=BBnbcA1