Boneheaded Moves and Funny Fails in Games

I was competing in the Love Live School Idol Festival game to rank in the top 4500 players and get the special event card. In the last hour of the event, I decided that I’d earned enough points to stay ranked high enough to get my reward, and went to bed because it was 2 in the morning. I could’ve kept playing, but I would’ve lost sleep at that point. When I woke up in the morning, I found out at least a couple thousand other players had passed me by ramping up their playing in the last hour past what I’d expected. I lost out on the event card and spent a fair amount of the premium currency I had in stock to try and compete, with nothing to show for the expenditure. I’d gotten all my currency by free methods (normally worth $0.60~$1 each), but it’s still currency I can’t spend on other rewards now. All I would’ve had to do was spend 2 more and keep playing for another half hour and I would’ve been set. My hubris got the better of me. :smack:

Tell me about your own boneheaded moves or funny fails in games. Can be any sort of game - soccer, world of warcraft, ping pong, crane games, whatever.

The one that comes to mind is when my brother and I were playing Battlefield 3 on the Xbox 360, and he bailed out of some airplane, and hit his chute a little late- a split-second before he hit the ground and died.

From my perspective, it looked like some kind of Roadrunner/Coyote scene where the Coyote smacks into the ground and then his parachute opens.