Bones May 19, 2011 - Finale (spoilers)

Really surprised no thread on this.
(spoiler space)

Fun to see the return of Buck and Wanda.

Booth bowls a 280, and doesn’t have his own shoes?

The baby is OK, and Bones is pregnant(!) and Booth is the father (!!)

They sprent, what, one night together?


Yeah, like 1 week ago. And they already know…? (I know…I know…it’s TV reality…).

It was just tacked onto my previous thread.

Let’s all make ourselves feel better by thinking at least three weeks must of passed. They didn’t say how long really passed between the two episodes, so…

If I could bring myself to watch the previous one again, I’m sure somewhere in it Angela mentions how long till shes due to deliver.

And next year the baby will be played by a five year old.

Okay, prior to the finale the last mention of how far along Angela is came during the 3rd-to-last episode, when she said she has “like another month” before the baby’s due so it hopefully isn’t labor. Then, in the season finale, she’s already a few days overdue at the beginning of the episode, so there’s like 5 weeks covered in the last three episodes.

So what?

The fact that a twenty-something episode season generally corresponds to a year means that they there’s always weeks of the characters’ lives we don’t get to see, as do references to other cases Booth is working without Brennan, and other anthropological investigations she is conducting without him. I don’t understand why people would think there’s only one week between episodes.

I’ll lay odds he won’t be. Soap-opera aging comes into play when you want to use the child in question as an important character. But Hodgins & Angela are supporting characters in the ensemble, and their child a supporting-supporting character; there’s no need to show the kid much, and several reasons not to.

If they don’t do a real-time aging for the baby, I think it’s more likely this kid would be like baby Penny on Desperate Housewives - she was unimportant and stayed about a year old for three seasons.

My love for Felicity Huffman & Marcia Cross was not enough to keep me watching DH, so I can’t speak to that. Anyway, Bones is set up so that there’s no special reason they have to show the baby all that frequently or artifically age him.