Book 'em Danno. Hawaii 5-0 movie!

Finally, a quality TV show[sup]TM[/sup] will get the big screen treatment. My question for all you dopers is who should star in this potential blockbuster?


Steve McGarrett, steely-eyed head of the 5-0 squad?

Danno, ever loyal dogsbody?

Cam Fong as Chin Ho?

Your suggestions please. Dreamworks needs help!

As Wo Fat, I suggest Gary Condit.
Those teeth and hairstyle spell Pure Evil.

Plus, I hear he has some spare time coming up.

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Another fond boomer memory pulled from its grave to turn tricks for the Hollywood pimps. F*ck. I’ll still go see it no matter what.

You know I’ve never seen a single episode of Hawaii 5-0.

Maybe Andy Bumatai can play Danno?

Well, whoever is in it, I think it would be fun if they explored the fact that all the cops in this unit were apparently single, and never seemed to have any romantic contact with females. . .

Be advised that bidding for the rights to develop a project doesn’t mean they’re going to develop it. Sometimes studios purchase the rights to something just to keep others from having it. Sometimes it’s to produce buzz, so that the studio’s other projects get exposure too. The existence of a script means nothing.

Steve McGarrett - The Rock
Danno - Matt Damon
Chin Ho - Sammo Hung
Kono - ???
Wo Fat - Chow Yun Fat
with a gratuitous cameo by Tom Selleck as Thomas Magnum since they were supposed to be in the same narrative universe.

If they do make it, they’ll probably get McG or the guy who did the Rush Hour movies to direct, a sure sign of suck. But maybe they’d get the Mighty Mighty Bosstones or Sex Mob to redo the theme song.

Widdershins: McG? You mean Jack Lord, the actor who played Steve McGarrett? He can’t direct this film.

He’s dead.

I meant McG, the director of Charlie’s Angels and lots of music videos, especially Smashmouth videos. Sorry about the mix up.

Kam Fong who played Chin Ho (you-don’t-look-Irish) Kelly is still alive, but in his 80s. According to IMDb, two of his sons are actors.

Since this film is set within Hawaii can we have at least one “local” actor? The guy from the Hula Hut in Pearl Harbor was just sad. [aside]Interesting. That film went by Pearl Harbour in the UK. It’s no Philsopher to Sorcerer but still.[/aside]

Although now that I think about it The Rock is supposed to have gone to High School somewhere in Hawaii. Hmm.