Booty poll.

Just curious, those of you who like to look at women… what type of booty do you prefer to observe? How many like 'em BIG??? Does the bust size matter in correlation to waist and hip measurements, etc.? Big butt, small boobs do it for anybody, or is it just that hourglass shape? (For example, a woman who is 5’3" and 34-27-38…)

I keep hearing songs mentioning women’s behinds, and am seeing more women in music videos with big bums and thunder thighs. It’s giving me hope that the tide of gestalt is sweeping in a different “accepted body type” for females. What say you?

(As I’m writing this, I can’t get Sir Mix-a-Lot’s “Baby Got Back” out of my mind. I got the idea for the poll earlier today, and when I mentioned it to my co-worker, I got an earful. She can rap the whole thing. Help!)

Isn’t it funny how what is considered fashionable or sexy changes with each generation. I’m sure most men will write in saying how much they like a big butt. I would say it’s more important these days than bust size.

I remember when I was younger I rarely saw a big behind. Thin and willowy was considered the ideal, and funnily enough most people seemed to naturally be that shape. I don’t recall any of my girlfriends ever stressing over their shape. Until recently anyone unfortunate enough to have a big behind was usually berated by the opposite sex. Now women with a big butts are sought after, is it because the media is promoting this now?

The only other period I can recall the fuller figure being fashionable last century was in the 50’s.

Big butts are definitely better. Bust size does not really matter much to me.

I like nice big butts, not too big. I’m a legs and ass man myself. Breasts don’t really matter much to me.

Leg man here. Huge boobs have never been a big turn-on for me, but it’s nice to have something there. Send pics and I’ll give a free appraisal. (Ladies only, please.)


Big is ok, but firm is best.

Big butt’s are badonkadonk (Oh YEAH!)- What appeals to me most, and maybe this is weird, is the flow and connecting area of feminine curves (the more acute the angles generally the more sexy) … the hips , the butt, the small of the back, the neck and shoulders, and of course the breasts (large size is secondary, proportional size is much better- I’d say the “best” I’ve ever seen were smallish and tear shaped…a perfect “bow” outline.) Copious and curvy is an intensely sexy esthetic. (Except at it’s most extreme -Huge artificial breasts are just wrong and unnatural.)
I am just offering a candid thought, no women were objectified in the writing of this post.

GGurl got a big 'ol butt, oyeah!

I like BIG BUTTS and I cannot lie,
and all you other brothas can’t deny
something, something, something

Yeah, I like them big, but I think I am the only one in my group of friends that admits it, so I always thought I was a freak. And its not the media, its in me brain.
Me brain I tell yee.

When a girl walks in with an itty bitty waist and a round thing in your face
You get sprung

I like them small and tight. Apparently I’m in a tiny minority these days.

Middle-of-the-road for me.
I don’t really dig the Serena (Do I mean Venus? Not a tennis fan) Williams proportions but there should be SOMETHING going on. "Super"models tend to be a bit far the other way for my liking.

Any butt and any boob is fine. I’d rather a little meat on both if you please.

After dating a very skinny girl once, I haven’t done it again. Those boney hips hurt grinding away on… um… nevermind.

Really for me it isn’t necessarily how big or small (though I prefer 'em bigger), the key is independent hemispherical movement. The booty needs to move as two entities, not a homogenous lump.

I like them somewhere in the middle of the extremes. A flat butt is just plain boring, but the girls in sirmixalot’s vid have too much booty for me. I’d say that J Lo’s highly touted butt is pretty fantastic, but I wouldn’t go any bigger than that if I had my choice. Which, I suppose, I do.
Runway models–way too small, but there are a few Victoria Secret models with what I’d consider absolutely perfect butts. duh.

Statuesque women for me - I’m not interested in waifs.

Jennifer Lopez’s celebrated ass deserves every bit of attention it gets.

Nope. See Jaime Pressly, Joy Behrman, Paris Hilton.

add one to that tiny minority.

From The Indianapolis Star’s Let It Out column:

“Bone is for the dog. Meat is for the man.”

True. Paris Hilton’s is too small, though… her rear profile just goes “hair, back, legs”, with no stop at booty.

Jaime Pressly, on the other hand, is (physically) my perfect woman.

I definitely prefer a woman with an ample booty. Preferably with a relatively narrow waist, too, but the term “pleasingly plump” is decidedly a part of my vocabulary. And yes, I do like the small breasts/big tush combination.

I don’t know what you mean here. I’m not a huge butt/boob monster (39/27/38) but I don’t know that I can make each cheek move independently of the other. Are we talking special muscle control or simple ‘non-shelf’ qualities? Do I need to be able to pick up raisins with them?