Boston Dopefest, with a side of Film Club

There have been some recent murmurs that it’s time for another Boston dopefest, and what could be better than to combine it with a great, quirky movie. How quirky, you ask? How about a silent film with live accompaniment. The Alloy Orchestra is playing the Somerville Theater on February 4th. Unfortunately, that’s a Sunday, so that cuts down on the recovery period a bit. And I was thinking of a little less drunken debauchery than the recent New York City fest (but then, it would sort of have to be). They’re doing “Steamboat Bill, Jr.” at 2:00, and “Nosferatu” at 7:00. I haven’t seen either of those films, but I’ve seen The Alloy Orchestra before and they kick ass. So, come one, come all. Let me know which film you’d prefer, and if we get enough out-of-towners we could even do lunch and the matinee. I’ll scout out restaurants in the area, and I promised andygirl the best ice cream on the planet for desert.

I’m definitely allllll for that! Tell me when and where!

I’m there. :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t mind seeing either or both. As long as I can get to and from the bus station, I’m good.

If I can find someone who will car pool from the NJ area up that weekend and can get me back to NJ my 11am Monday count me in! I’d take the bus but I hate buses

Boston dopefest?
crawls out from under suburban rock…sniffs air

<Marlon Perkins accent>
While Jim was busy examining the inside of that crocodile, I had a chance to observe this Phobos. Usually timid, it’s very rare to have the chance to see one up close. There’s still a lot about the Phobos we don’t know. If we can learn about it’s social interactions, it will help our attempts to preserve the Phobos in the wild without having to resort to captive breeding programs.

And now a few words from my friends at Mutual of Omaha.
</Marlon Perkins accent>

I shall be there, to be sure. I can offer transportation for any Dopers in or around western Mass.

I notice that all of us registered within a few months of eachother.

Oh, yeah- the Dopefest.

I’m shy.

I live in Boston. I like movies that nobody’s ever heard of. I also like Sundays.
I may be less shy if anyone expressed some sort of interest in meeting me (snort).

I’m up for movies.

We should be sure to get a camera this time - I’ll take the pictures since I don’t want to be in them. (I’m afraid my spirit will be stolen. ;)  )

You’ve all been very nice not taking me to task for the desert/dessert debacle in the OP.

When I said “come one, come all”, the ‘one’ was referring specifically to you, Turpentine.

And to anyone else reading this, the ‘one’ was referring specifically to you, too.

Yay! I was just thinking about this, Robot Arm.

For either film, there’s about an 86.8% chance of Tymp.

Oh sure. I live in Rhode Island for 24 years and there’s never a single Boston Dopefest. I move to California and y’all go ahead and throw one. Hhmph. And is a chance of Tymp like a chance of rain? Just curious.

Bad luck, Rasa. The first Boston Dopefest was the month before your registration. Now you’ll miss this one by just a few weeks. See what ya get for abandoning us and moving to the Left Cost? You could still make it. It’s only a 3,100-mile drive.

Aside from being gray, chilly dampness that falls from the clouds, Tymp is very different from rain.

Hey! I saw the Alloy Orchestra at the Museum of Fine Arts a few months ago. They did a score for a silent film about Shakleton’s Antartic expedition. They play a mean bedpan! It was really cool.

I’m way too shy to show up for a Dopefest, but perhaps I’ll revert to my old lurking ways and just hang in the back of the theater with a big cup of coffee from the Someday Cafe and a slice of pizza from Mike’s! :slight_smile:

There will be no more of this “I’d come but I’m too shy” nonsense going on here. All Dopers are always welcome at any Dopefest and most even find themselves having quite a good time in spite of themselves. If you want to come, then COME.

Like I said, I’ll go, and I can probably talk ElusiveMiser into it (he’s really not that elusive). Just give me a date! I mean, like a time and day. I’m doing quite fine with the ladies… and now I’m rambling. You people have to shut me up more! Jeez!

grrrr! snarl! great gnashing of teeth!
Captive breeding? Where do I sign up?

  • Phobos, Bostonian suburbanicus

Well, I’m moving that week, but I’ll see if I can find the time. Best resturant in Somerville is Gargoyle’s, but it’s a bit pricey.

That should be Bostoniensis

-waterj2, Scholae Latinae Bostoniensis alumnus

As for me, I just may be in town that weekend.

It’s not as much fun as it sounds.

The dopefest, on the other hand, should be great.