Boston Legal 11/28

This is the continuation of Sunday night’s ep. Shirley has been abducted by Lincoln Meyer. Looks scary…

bump for the crazy man

I’m lovin’ the lesbian lawyer lover of the hung woman (“I’m funny”). I hope she’s in for at least several episodes. Lots of great storyline potential there and the actress herself is a kick.

Great episode. Good job by everyone. Nice to see Alan back in character – his behavior in Sunday’s ep was an aberration, I hope.

Lincoln Meyer was sympathetic, for a minute. Do you suppose he’s finished? He has to do some jail time for kidnapping Shirley, doesn’t he?

And for once, I had the case figured out early – the insurance/suicide thing.

“To simple pleasures.”

Great episode. Had been souring on Jerry from simple overexposure, but loved the intricacies of the hands and posturing during the trial scene (along with asking Alan to point the second time). Also liked Alan jumping to the “Alan Shore solution” to the warrant problem - lately he’s been so much… umm… relatively a little less shady :stuck_out_tongue:

And I’m glad that they did the insurance thing, even if it was a little obvious - it beats yet ANOTHER no-way-they’re-getting-not-guilty-…wtf?! verdict.

A rich, rich episode…the best I’ve seen.

I was happy to see Jerry come through and be so effective. Loved Alan’s comment when Jerry was hugging him after the trial “I hope Denny doesn’t walk in”.
Lincoln Meyer wasn’t a bad singer, if he wasn’t such a creepjob he could try out for the Wiggles. I had a bad feeling his crossbow trap was going to “backfire” on him, but at least he’s not dead yet. “It’s just a flesh wound!” :slight_smile:

David Dean Bottrell is doing a fantastic job as Lincoln Meyer. I’m glad they didn’t kill him off. And he made those Chipmunks songs even creepier than they already are. :smiley:

Great scene between Alan and Denny–best buds forever.

Isn’t he good? I don’t remember seeing him in anything else. I’d be interested to know if that’s his real speaking voice.

It’s not. I saw him in a brief interview with the news entertainment guy the other night, and he sounds like a regular, normal, sane person. The voice is definitely different.

Mixed feelings on Gracie Jane, though. The sight of her on her show with the c-collar and bandaged head was priceless, but…DAMN! She’s still alive!!! If Lincoln had finished the job with her, he would have deserved a pass on everything else! :smiley:

So, Delta Burke offered to let Denny “crawl into her warm place”–and horndog Denny has to think about it? Still, he’s been with her before…and she does have a nasty habit of tackling him…maybe he’s had enough of that.

Still, Delta Burke…mmmmm. :wink:

[hijack]After watching the parodies on BL and SNL (and I think Family Guy), I decided to check out the real thing. I caught her last night, frothing at the mouth about O.J. Simpson. I thought I was watching another parody.