Boston Legal 5/14

Somebody wants Denny Crane to run for President!

And why not? That’s what I say.

Denny Crane!

The Mad Cow Candidate for 2008!

I was feeling so sorry for Denny in his hospital gown on that stage, but then guessed what was going on a few seconds before he revealed it. Good for him.
It made me a bit nervous later, though, when Alan had to remind him of his own name.

The computer slideshow of Hillary made me roll outta bed.

“John McCain”


Who is the actress that wanted to be a priest and where have I seen her before?

Missy Pyle: Missi Pyle - IMDb

I find Missi Pyle incredibly hot as her character on this show. If I ever met a 5’ 11" woman with that odd inflection and those mannerisms, I would be helpless, especially if she said she was “sexually rambunctious.”

And, I thought they had a good case for removing the tax-exempt status from churches that practice gender bias, which is most of them.

Although that would not happen in a civil court, but rather in a Federal Tax court. I am not sure which bothers me more - knowing that or having that thought screwing up the show for me.

I like to see “Boston Legal” as taking place in a fantasy land where cases go to trial or hearings almost immediately, you can count on getting one of about five eccentric, entertaining judges, and all sorts of shenanigans are permitted.

Great episode!

“He’s talking in circles”
My friend and I decided we want “Denny Crane For President” bumber stickers for our cars.

I would chide them for repeating the Pope Joan myth, but in the universe in which David Kelly’s shows take place, it might be true. (On “Picket Fences”, they had spontaneous human combustion and telepathy between twins.)