Botticelli: Late June, 2012

The letter is … L.

Did you sing “He’s got the whole world in his hands?”
Did you win the Heisman trophy as a Notre Dame quarterback?
Did kids tell you the darndest things?

I am not Laurie London, nor am I Art Linkletter. Take a DQ on the Heisman winner.

IQ1: Were you the rotten frontman for Public Image Limited?
IQ2: Is your name now synonymous with the distortion of science to fit a predetermined conclusion?
IQ3: Do you live on the second floor, upstairs from me? Have I seen you before?

I am not John Lydon (aka Johnny Rotten), nor am I Luka, who lived on the second floor and whom Suzanne Vega sang about. Take a DQ on the “distortion of science” question.

Heisman winner was Johnny Lujack.

DQ1: Are you a real person?

IQ1: Were you famous as “Mike Nelson?”
IQ2: Were you called “Little Poison?”
IQ3: Were you married to the guy who said “nice guys finish last?”

I am real.

Summary for L:

  1. I am real.

Trofim Lysenko was the Soviet Director of Biology under Stalin.

DQ: Are you male?

On IQ1, I am not Lloyd Bridges. On the others, take two DQs.

And a :smack: for me, as i wrote an undergrad paper on him and his research (such as it was).

Answer to your DQ: I am male.

Summary for L:

  1. I am real.
  2. I am male.

IQ2: “Little Poison” was Hall of fame baseball player Lloyd Waner
IQ3: Leo Durocher was famous for saying “nice guys finish last” and he was married to Hollywood movie star Larraine Day.

DQ1: Are you living?
DQ2: Does your last name begin with L?

Summary for L:

  1. I am real.
  2. I am male.
  3. I am dead.
  4. My last name begins with L.

IQ1: Did you have an alternate(and wrong) theory of evolution?
IQ2: Are you most famous for turning Jesus into a lion?

Were you a general at Thermopalye? (KNOW I spelled that wrong)

IQ1: Did you develop differential calculus independent of Newton?
IQ2: Are you a confrontational and influential rock critic?
IQ3: Are you an NFL coach with trademark headwear?

IQ1. Do you look impressive in green and ripped pants?
IQ2. Were you an early pioneer in film direction?
IQ3. No, the German pioneer?


Were you the son of a married couple who moved on up?
Were you a key figure of the Harlem Renaissance?
If you ever left U.S. territory, did you do so at Niagara Falls?

On IQ1, take a DQ. As for IQ2, I’m thinking that Jesus is referred to as “the Lion of Judah” occasionally. If it wasn’t gospel writer Luke who first called him that, take another DQ. (Should have paid more attention in Sunday School, I guess. :))

I can help with the spelling: Thermopylae. But I cannot help otherwise. Take a DQ.

On IQ1, take a DQ. For IQ2, the only person that comes to mind is Lillian Roxon; and for IQ3, I’m thinking Tom Landry. If either or both are wrong, take a DQ for each incorrect one.

No idea on IQ1–take a DQ. For IQs 2 and 3, I’m thinking Fritz Lang and Leni Riefenstahl, respectively. Again, if either or both are wrong, take a DQ for each incorrect one.

I’m not Lionel Jefferson. Take DQs for the other two.

The mathematician was Gottfried Wilhelm Liebniz. I was thinking of somebody else for the rock critic, but Lillian Roxon fits the question, and Landry was spot on.

DQ: Are you American?

And more IQs:
IQ1: Were you a confrontational rock critic who’s not Lillian Roxon?
IQ2: Did your father offer you famous advice on both sides of the issue of usury?
IQ3: Do your field recordings make up the bulk of the Library of Congress’s Archive of American Folk Song?