Boxes in Jamie's shop on Mythbusters

Is there a list somewhere of the odd items Jamie keeps around the place at M5? I was just watching their Christmas special, and at the end you can clearly see boxes purporting to contain:
[li]Wigs[/li][li]LEG IRONS[/li][li]BUG HAIR[/li][li]Ballistics Gel[/li][li]Frangible Feet[/li][li]Vaseline & SAND[/li][/ul]
and I’m pretty sure I saw a box once that said ‘Raw Meat’. Any other interesting ones out there?

(And if a mod wants to CS or MPSIMS this, please do).

I saw the raw meat one!

Do they keep all the “blueprint” things that they write?

I’ve seen piles of rolled-up paper in their “bullpen” area where they discuss the next myth they’re about to attack, so it looks like they do get kept.

For all the shopping they’ve done at Mr. S, the LEG IRONS box may well be real. :smiley:

If Q.E.D.'s watching, I’ve got a bin of expired passwords that I can contribute to their shop.

I suspect the “Leg Irons” box has the supplies from the water torture episode. They built a rack to hold the person while the water dripped on them, including leg and arm restraints.

The “Bug hair” box intrigues me, though…

I’m assuming the feet are for Buster?

Wait, was the vaseline and sand in the same box?!

No, no, it was Vaseline and SAND. Obviously an acronym. We just have to figure out what for:

Some Additional Natty Devices?
Special Abrasive Neoprene Diapers?
Several Astounding Naughty Dreams?

Unless there’s some sort of myth involving exploding passwords or high-speed password collisions, I don’t think they’ll be needing that. :smiley:

Why does it have to be?

My penmanship is much better when I print in all capital letters. So, I avoid printing in lower case, 'cause it looks bad…

It was a joke, son. I just wanted to get “Natty” into a post today. :smiley:

Find me an old Thicknet NetBEUI system, and I’ll give you all the password collisions you could ever hope for. :smiley:

But realistically, there’s not much excitement in packet collisions and the backoff algorithms that manage them. Pretty boring, actually.

But can they blow it up?

Oh yes… they can blow up. They crash, they screech to a halt, they blow up.

Presumably those are the molds for the foot bones. The bones they encase in ballistics gel to see whether dropping XY on your feet will break your toes.

I wonder if someone’s a big Talking Heads fan… perhaps the “Vaseline/SAND” box holds a CD stash?

Dunno about the others, though.

I thought they used dead pigs for that sort of thing… ? Don’t they usually shoot ballistics gel?

They made a faux-bone and ballistics gel foot to test dropping a frozen turkey on it. The results make me cringe. (The turkey won.)

They don’t only do myths. As far as I know, they’re still a special effects company, aren’t they? They used to be, anyway, which is what many of those items would’ve been bought for.