Boy George nearly crushed by giant glitter ball

Just the other day I got the “Alien Video” (with the one-eyed thing singing “I will survive”) in my mailbox. After having seen that, I nearly snorted coffee down my shorts when I read this:

LONDON–Boy George, the British pop singer, had a close brush with death when a 28-kilo glitter ball fell from the ceiling of a concert venue he was working in.

Boy George is the flamboyant frontman of the British band Culture Club.

Relating the story to the British newspaper, The Sun, Boy George says, “It would have been both ironic and glamorous to be finished off by a four-foot glitter ball.”

The incident occurred while Boy George was doing a sound check for a concert at the Bournemouth International Centre in southern England.

Boy George, 38, suffered severe bruising as the ball clipped his face and landed on his left shoulder before shattering into hundreds of pieces.

To vaguley paraphrase a line from the movie Clueless, it’s not exacly like this is the first time he has had balls smacking him in the head.

Well, shut my mouth. It’s also illegal to put squirrels down your pants for the purposes of gambling.

And probably not his first bruising as a result.


No, Culture Club.

So, I guess the the glitter ball’s answer to the question “Do you really want to hurt me”, would be yes.

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That was George Michael, now wasn’t it.

Boy, I wish i was as well versed in 80’s shit bands as labradorian.

And this has to do with felching how?

It’s immoral to allow a sucker to keep his money.

Damm,another inch to the right and I would have got that son of a gun dead center.
I think I may need to get my eyesight checked,my aim used to be better than that.

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“nearly”? DAMN!