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So, not having a left-progressve bias myself, I need to ask, what do I lack? A mind or a conscience? Or do I just lack maturity? Needless to say, I found your comment sanctimonious and inappropriate, and while you have every right to say that, I feel sorry for you if you really believe that the left has a monopoly on intelligence or morality.

Brain Glutton’s comments are rather a generalization.

But then we’ve never had to add the word “compassionate” to our label as if it somehow needled explanation. :wink:

Intelligence isn’t exclusive to one party or the Left or the Right or the North or the South or the East or the West.

Ann Coulter says that “her guys” wear crosses around their necks. Maybe she thinks that means that they are very moral.

I think it takes something different from that and that she sells “her guys” short.

What do you think?

Yer absolutely right to say that’s not so. It’s more like a monopsony. How many non-lefties listen to NPR? :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

Somebody at Fox News must be listening to NPR, if only to find fodder for their “unbiased” pundits…

Must be Colmes

I do! I do!
Shickele Mix is awesome.

Hmm… between you and Colmes, it’s 50% of NPR’s audience right there. Ah well, I never liked the monopsony idea, anyway.

Just from this snippet I think Coulter meant to say her guys wore their crosses around their necks and not, like liberals, on their back. I.e. Not necessarily more moral but less like the self-righteous holier-than-thou pricks liberals so often insist on being. Funny how latter days liberals have taken up the white mans burden with such gusto.

Don’t I know it. Those liberals are such pricks, just like Mistress Ann says. However, Tovarisch Rune, I believe you forgot to mention than in addition to being self-righteous crypto-racists, liberals are so often also Stalinist commies who’d love to build a Gulag or two just for the fun of it if they could get away with it.

I only mention this because it’s true, and, frankly, I’m concerned about the moral well-being of said liberals.

Anyone who equates “left-progressive bias” with being “an adult human being with a mind and a conscience” is either a chain-yanker or a bigot.

If the latter, a definite target for the SDMB’s war on ignorance.

I think it’s wrong for both Ann Coulter and BrainGlutton to rely on ad homenim attacks on their opponents.

Rune, I find it funny that you say this. I work, unfortunately, almost exclusively with Libertarians and conservatives. Compared to my “Latter-day Liberal” friends and family, these Conservatives are the ONLY people I know with White Man’s Burden. Of course, maybe you have a different definition for WMB, being from the Nederlands, and that may explain this disconnect. Where I’m from, WMB is your typical downtrodden white man who blames all of his problems on women and people of other races.

My boss has a friend who comes by all the time. I really like him a lot. He went to school to become a lawyer, graduated, passed the bar, got a job with the Public Defenders office. THey let him go in cutbacks about 2 years ago. Ever since then, it’s one worthless job or dream after another-Paramedic school, the Navy, Chef school. And every time I talk to him he has to tell me about how the counties and cities are hiring only the Mexicans and Blacks who apply and that’s why he can’t get a job :rolleyes:

That’s typical WMB for you. He hoists his ass up on the cross and proclaims that the brown people are preventing him from being successful. Of course it also makes him an unabashed bigot, WMB aside.


BG is a good guy, and I don’t think this little slip is such a big deal. He’s normally very respectful of other points of view, so let’s just assume he forgot to add the little smiley at the end of that sentence.

But since we’re kind of pitting him here… BG: you need to get out more, maybe date a few girls or something. How much time do you devote to the 5 GD threads you start every day, each with an OP that rivals War and Peace. :slight_smile:

Gawd, Rune might mean “White Man’s Burden” in the sense that Non-White people can’t take care of themselves, are too ignorant/stupid/childish/simple to run their own lives and so the White Man, being a noble sort, must step in and save them from themsevles, guide them along the right and true path (usually right to Jesus), and in every way, show them the correct way to live.

I believe this was a key part to the justification of European colonization in Africa and India and all sorts of other nasty behaivor.

Though if that’s the meaning he intended us to take, I’m still not sure what it has to do with “latter day liberals”.

Gawd…a little something to add to your reading list:

The White Man’s Burden

I’ve only seen liberals with this attitude. Maybe I’m just not looking hard enough…

Not only have I no fucking clue what to make of that poem, but that is a totally different definition to WMB than I am used to. Which is also what I suspected judging by Rune’s post.

Today in the non-Kipling knowing dictionary, WMB means a white guy who thinks Affirmative Action and kissing the black man’s ass is what is “keeping him down”.

THanks for the info, though. Even though I’ll need a 20th century british English translator to figure it all out. :smiley:


Probably not what Rune meant to say, but I’m sure so often liberals are this kind of WMB people, too! Actually, they so often are both types at the same time! So sneaky, those latter-day liberals.

Interesting–I’ve never heard the meaning you’re talking about. I’ve only heard that specific phrase used to refer to white folks who think they’ve got a moral duty to uplift the poor beknighted savages and bring them the benefits of civilization.

Of course, I think it’s scurrilous deception to say that liberals are advocating that position, but that’s another matter.

I’m familiar with folks making the racist carping noises you’re describing; I’ve heard that called Angry White Male syndrome, something very different.

Ah, the evolution of language! :smiley:


Well said mic84! My bad for forgetting to mention the bits about Stalinism, Gulag, J. Kerry, The Great Stumble and all the rest but there are so many faults it’s hardly possible to cover them all.

And it is very nice of you to be aware of the plight of the liberals. It is only fair we (that must be the royal “we”) evil rightist bastards show some concern for the well being of the miserable liberals since they have seen themselves fit to bear the guilt of the whole rest of humanity. Oh the humanity!

No I meant the Kipling variety, I don’t know the other – blaming others for own failing is unfortunately a trait shared equally amongst liberals and other normal people (though in this respect as in so many others liberals are of course often more equal than others). I love Kipling because, though liberals tend to brand him a racist overlord – who knows maybe they’re right, he writes great stories, even have a poem about the Danes (“pay the danegeld and you never get rid of the Danes”) which probably should be taught in all Spanish and Philippine schools. And being from Copenhagen, which is in DENMARK and not the NEDERLANDS (Odin on a flying horse! You wouldn’t guess the number of times I’ve been told Copenhagen is a city in Holland!) you might image how I find this just fabulous. Now pay my fucking Danegeld or I’ll come and pillage San Jose!

So true my Preciousss. Sneaksy little liberalses! Wicked, tricksy, filthsss.

Rune – we keep agreeing on everything. If it were not for my firm male heteresexuality, I think I’d be in love. I’m glad you menyioned Danegeld and Spain/Phillipines. It’s a shame people don’t know this poem any more. Well, ladies and gentlemen, Danegeld by everybody’s favorite white supremacist and all-around militarist asshole, Rudy Kipling.

To Jean Chrétien