Brainless Fun Movies

There are movies that challenge your mind and beliefs, movies that make you think and cry, and movies that confront important issues in a way that makes you want to do something to right wrongs and make the world a better place.
I am not interested in those movies (usually).

What I want to know are your picks for movies that you can just settle down to watch with a drink and be entertained.
One of my picks: Night of the Creeps. Alien slugs! Undead Frat boys! “Screaming like banshees!” This movie is a great example of a fun movie!

What are yours?

Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure.
And it’s most excellent sequel, Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey!

Be excellent to each other!

Evil Dead 2: Dead By Dawn

Army of Darkness

Killer Klowns from Outer Space


Killer Klowns: Oh, man was this fun. The ‘Parade of Horror’ bit always leaves me rollin’ in the aisles.

Night of the Creeps: Yep, this one’s a good no-brainer. Sam, you ever catch the ‘alternate’ ending to this one? I’d only ever seen the cable (original?) release, until the flick ran on a network station’s Late Late Movie one night, and I was surprised to see it wind up differently. Well, slightly, anyway.

Tremors: The chemistry of Bacon and Ward is the best part of this one, especially the cigarette goof, in the beginning of the movie. You can see them looking at each other, and trying not to laugh, when the crumpled pack refuses to give up a butt, nearly forcing them to reshoot the entire 5 (or maybe it was only 3?) minute continuous shot. The second one was pretty fun, too, actually. Still haven’t tracked down the direct to video 3rd installment, though.

Which leads me to
Eight Legged Freaks: While it don’t quite stand up to the previous film, it was still pretty enjoyable. Ten minutes in, and there’s spiders on the loose! If’n ya haven’t seen this one yet, catch it in a theater; simple summer-movie popcorn flick.

Murder by Death: A lampoon of the noir detective flicks. The bit with the possibly dead butler (Alec Guinness!) and his clothes is worth the rental.

Robot Jox: The first flick I’d ever seen with piloted giant robots. I discovered this one while I was pretty heavily into BattleTech (the tabletop version, before the PC games started rolling out.)

[sub]Thanks, Sam Hell, now I’ve gotta go find that tape with Creeps on it… I’m pretty sure it’s on the one with the Rowdy Roddy flick…[/sub]


I like the ones with cheerleaders eg: Bring It On

Another fav. is the movies with things that go BOOM.

Like Die Hard 2 when the airplane explodes.

Also Mortal Kombat

Bill and Ted movies rock. :slight_smile:

Clue, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, and Coming to America are also good, but I’m not sure they’re exactly brainless. But they are good wholesome fun.

Charlie’s Angels. Too much fun for words.

Big Trouble in Little China An action movie template. Brilliant.

Night of the Comet

Road Trip

Girls Just Want to Have Fun

Return of the Living Dead

Urban Cowboy

Starship Troopers

Friday the 13th

Pee Wee’s Big Adventure

They Live

Valley Girl

Summer School

I could go on and on. I love fun movies. :slight_smile:


Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-O-Rama

Totally mindless, but funny as hell.

Cannibal Women in the Avacado Jungle of Death - Hysterically funny movie with Bill Maher as a pathetic guy in love with the busty professor.

Modern Vampires - Hot Casper Van Dien ass shots as he’s fucking. Damn, but that is HOT. And it’s a fun movie with the late Rod Steiger.

Both are on DVD, and in a few short days I shall have them!!!

Desperately Seeking Susan

I thought that movie was girly-girly fun-fun.


Real Genius

“Up the voltage.”

Let’s add to the Richard Elfman film list with Shrunken Heads.

I’ll also throw in Pumpkinhead and Airplane!

Rat Race prompted one of my friends to declare Jon Lovitz to be an acting genius. I wouldn’t go that far but it was still a pretty funny movie.

See, I would argue that *Evil Dead 2, Pee Wee’s Big Adventure, Tremors, Airplane!, Desparately Seeking Susan, * and They Live have plenty of brains. Just cuz it’s fun doesn’t mean it’s stupid.

Read the OP again. The word “stupid” was never mentioned. The author stated: movies that “you can just settle down to watch with a drink and be entertained.” I think Desperately Seeking Susan fits that bill - it’s clever and fun and colorful and doesn’t make you think to enjoy it.


I’m Gonna Git You Sucka*


The Last Dragon - “Catchin’ bullets with his TEETH?!?”

I’m Gonna Git You Sucka


The Last Dragon** - “Catchin’ bullets with his TEETH?!?”

YES!!! I love this movie. It has the obligatory Linnea Quigley nude scenes, an awesome soundtrack, and truly classic dialogue.

I am also loathe to admit it, but whenever Dumb & Dumber comes on TNT (which is all the time lately) I sit and watch (Oh, the shame, the shame).

The new version of Scooby Doo. If you see it, just don’t think about it too much, and it’s a blast.

Oh, and I second Real Genius, They Live, and Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure.