Brainwashed computer??

Here’s the story. I’m running a PC on Windows 98, and from the first day that it surfed the web it was on a connection diet of Ethernet only. So everything works fine, no hints of trouble, and then I’m done with finals.

I lug the computer to my room, take off the Ethernet cable, hook up the modem line, download the local ISP software, and start to work on the Internet. Woohoo! I can still work like I did at school - use Outlook Express to get e-mail, access the University of Missouri homepage to get vital information for my upcoming res life job…yay.

2 days later…Outlook Express no longer functions as an active e-mail program because my POP mail connection fails. I can’t access any web page associated with the MU servers, not even my webmail access. AAAAAAAAAAGH! ahem So I e-mail the wonderful :rolleyes: tech service helpdesk, and they explain that I will just have to reinstall everything.

I really don’t want to do this. I’m subscribed to many listservs for various classes, clubs, and jobs, and my saved e-mail is a journal of my time at school. I think my computer’s just pissed at the MU servers - I checked my connections, settings, ISP numbers, everything. The Outlook Express failure was pretty much expected, but not being able to access anything from the MU server is just crazy. Any suggestions??? Thank you for any help you might be able to offer!

They’re full of crap. If it worked before in your current setup, and you haven’t changed anything (you haven’t installed anything new or changed any settings or anything, have you?), then they have a problem.

Call them back tomorrow and tell them that you’ve reinstalled everything and it still isn’t working.

The only problem I see is that you’re using OE.

I am not sure I understand the problem but I can tell you that you can reinstall OE and save all your emails. It is very easy. You can also just drag them one by one or in groups to the desktop and out of OE. In any case it does seem like you should not need to reinstall. If you need more help just let us know.

I often will drag an email to the desktop (it makes an EML file, edit it using a word processor and put it back into OE.

Thanks for the replies, all :slight_smile: I appreciate it. If I have time in the next few days, I will try moving my e-mails and then re-installing. Or maybe, in the 6 weeks that I’m gone, something miraculous will happen…I can hope, can’t I??? :smiley:

thanks again!